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Corrupt Save File / Console Patches


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Thought it easier to create a new thread on this :)

PC Patch 20/08/2014

·        Stability Improvement - Improved the stability of the game when navigating through the front end menus of the game for extended periods.

·        Save Fix - Fixed save issues which caused corruption when uninstalling previously used DLC packages.

·        Stability Improvement - Resolved issues which could cause multiplayer hosts to crash if clients became desynced during online eliminator events.

·        RaceNet Fix - Fixed certain instances of players not receiving their awards or achievements when competing in certain RaceNet challenges.

·        Stability Improvement - Fixed issues which could have sporadically caused players to crash when entering or leaving Time Trial events.

·        Stability Improvement - Resolved Time Attack related crashes which occurred during certain RaceNet challenge scenarios.

·        DLC Fixes - Integrated multiple fixes for upcoming DLC packages to optimise stability and compatibility.

·        Online Fix - (Drift) – Fixed issues which in some cases could have caused players to become stuck in a black screen when competing in online drift sessions.

·        Messaging Improvement - improved game messaging under certain scenarios where players are attempting to access online functionality without an active internet connection.

·        Save Fix - Added prevention measures to ensure save file does not read as corrupted if certain save file components are deleted.

·        Save Fix - Added a preventative fix to stop save game corruption if controller action maps are invalid.

·        Save Fix - Added chunk header to DLC initialisation to help prevent future corruption of save games.

·        Text Fix - (Japanese) - Fixed issues which prevented certain text strings from appearing correctly in Japanese language.

·        Audio Fix - (Splitscreen) - Added a preventative fix to stop mode specific music from playing incorrectly within the menu selection screens after a race session had previously finished.

·        Online Fix - The online repairs/wear and tear functionality has been reworked following feedback from the community.

·        Online Fix - A restorative fix has been implemented to ensure that players who had previously lost vehicle level data (reset to level one) will now have this data partially restored.

·        Graphical Fix - Resolved issues on certain PC configurations which caused lighting artefacts on night races when advanced lighting was enabled. 


Update on the console patches 14/08/14

Microsoft found an issue late last night which resulted in corrupt saves (different method, same outcome). As such we've had to pull the patches or we'd be back at square one, we would have fixed one thing only for another to take its place. Despite the PlayStation patch passing we've also pulled it from submission due to the bug also being present in it.

We are currently in the process of creating a fix for this issue and the patches will once again go back into submission later today / tomorrow. We expect these patches to speed through the early stages of submission and pick up where they left off, as a result we're expecting them to go live by the end of next week.

Appreciate this isn't the news you want to see, and it's not the news you deserve to read, for that I can only apologise. Given the nature of the issues that were found the last thing we want to do was make matters worse. The issue at hand was incredibly difficult to spot (hence why neither us or Sony saw it) but we have no option other than to fix it.

This fix will also go into an upcoming PC patch which is currently being tested by our own QA team and will be released as soon as it has passed all internal checks.

Corrupt Save Files
  • This is fixed in an upcoming console patch
  • The  corrupt save file issue has been fixed on PC
  • Once applied the patch will 'fix' corrupt saves, allowing you to carry on from where you left off
  • Please note, if you overwrite your save file it will not give you back your progress

Console Patches

  • These are now in the last stages of internal testing at Microsoft and Sony
  • Included in the patch is the corrupt save file fix
  • Also included is Time Trial
  • Also included is a host of other fixes
  • Patch notes will be supplied in the coming days

PC Patches

  • We're already working on a new PC patch
  • We'll bring you more info on that as it develops

It's hard to give a release date (for the console patch) as it's out of our hands but as soon as both Microsoft or Sony say it's good to go the patch will go live the next day. Giving estimates is always risky but providing nothing else pops up and no other issues are found the patch should be live by the end of next week. Again, I can only stress this is an estimate and is subject to change but I know a lot of you are pressing for  an update passed 'soon'. We appreciate a lot of you will be waiting for this patch and we thank you for your ongoing patience. As soon as there are any further developments we'll let you know.

Please note: The previous thread on this, along with the off shoot discussions on the forum has seen a rise in anger, threats and personal abuse. While I appreciate you are frustrated I will not tolerate the continued descent down that patch. This doesn't just go for how you talk to us (Codemasters), but how you talk to each other. The forum is a great tool for us, and for you, please don't spoil it.

Patch Notes

  • Feature Addition – Time Trial mode implemented for GRID Autosport.
  • Save Game Fix - Resolved several issues which potentially would have caused player saves becoming corrupt during prolonged playtime.
  • Feature Addition – “Current race timer” added to multiplayer lobbies, allowing new entrants (who are waiting within the lobby for the current race to complete) to gauge the progress of the current event.
  • Online Fix - (DLC) - Fixes specifically to improve future DLC cross compatibility within online matches.
  • Career Fix - (Audio) - Fix to prevent music from cutting off entirely within the race results screens.
  • AI Fix - (Drift) – AI could potentially control player car after terminal damage in two-part drift events.
  • RaceNet Fix - Fixed instances of RaceNet profile switching leading to Club Tags & liveries being mismatched in game.
  • RaceNet Fix - Fixed issue which caused the RaceNet Challenge Medal objectives to be too easily attained.
  • AI Fix – Resolved sporadic instances of AI being given lap times before actually completing the lap.
  • AI Fix – Fixed an issue which could make AI players within Demolition Derby events impervious to receiving terminal damage from the player’s car.
  • RaceNet Fix - Removed instances where ghost entrants could appear within RaceNet Challenge Events.
  • Splitscreen Fix - Fixed issue in relation to being able to generate playlist events which contain DLC content.
  • Career Fix - Resolved irregular instances of “Previous Race Results” grid orders being incorrect for the first race within a championship.
  • Online Fix - (Playlists) - Added “number of laps” to the online track vote screen.
  • Online Fix - Fixed messaging issue to inform a player they have been promoted to Lobby Host.
  • Online Fix - (Customisation) - Resolved instances of customised wheels not appearing correctly for certain vehicle types.
  • Online Fix - (Results) - Resolved erratic instances of retired players not being labelled correctly in the live race results screen.
  • Online Fix - (Playlist) – Fixed sporadic instances of players transitioning from Endurance to a Race/Time Attack mode then receiving an incorrect UI menu on the voting screen.
  • Stability Improvement - Dallara Indycar – Fixed sporadic crashes when loading into events using the Indycar.
  • Online Fix – Amended incorrect reference to 'downloadable content' used on when purchasing DLC.
  • Splitscreen Fix - Text strings updated in event rules screen for all disciplines.
  • Stability Improvement - Fixed instances of the game entering an unresponsive state after uplink removal whilst completing RaceNet Challenge events.
  • Stability Improvement - Fixed stability issues when host disconnects during rolling start events.
  • Stability Improvement - Fixed issues when booting the game with 2 or more pads active, the game giving all control to the "highest numbered" pad.
  • RaceNet Fix - RaceNet Club names now use verified strings within the online newsfeed and loading screens.
  • Online Fix - Unavailable tracks are no longer searchable via the online custom search filters.
  • Online Fix - Fixed instances of total online winnings displaying incorrectly.
  • Stability Improvement - Fixed instances when title loses functionality when controller is disconnected during inviting a friend to join game play.
  • Online Fix - Fixed matchmaking issues when players are unable to find a session after initial host left by powering down their console.
  • Stability Improvement - Remedied instances where players are given a prolonged black screen when entering spectator mode.
  • Online Fix - Fixed sporadic instances of the “Cancel” button on the YouTube upload screen failing to function.
  • Splitscreen Fix - Updated drift event rules screen.
  • Career Fix - (GRID Series) - Remedied instances of the player not being given completed objective rewards.
  • AI Fix - (Drift) - Fixed several instances where the AI in your heat always earns a score much higher or lower than the AI in every other heat.
  • Career Fix - Fixed a tuning error when using the s2000 with certain teams in the first season of tuner.
  • AI Fix - (Spa) - Resolved issues with multiple cars across various classes crashing into RHS wall at Eau Rouge chicane (turn 3).
  • Art Fix - (Washington) - Fixed blank billboards/flags around track spillage areas where sponsors should have been displayed.
  • Splitscreen Fix - (OSD) - Fixed instances where the starting sequence countdown for drift is displayed on the wrong screen, with incorrect timing for one player.
  • Splitscreen Fix - Fixed issue in relation to there being no AI present when racing in splitscreen playlist events.
  • AI Fix - (Touring) - Resolved instances of AI cars not moving off the starting grid at Mount Panorama.
  • Online Fix - Buying a car immediately after purchasing a garage slot could cause the car names to be misaligned or missing.
  • Online Fix - Users were in certain instances unable to "View Vehicle" within vehicle store until first viewing an owned car in a custom livery.
  • Online Fix - (Eliminator) - Resolved issues related to players who terminally damage will be placed first on the results screen.
  • Online Fix - Fixed instances of players switching from party mode to another vehicle discipline then having upgrade stats removed from a player's owned car.
  • Career Fix - Using a flashback whilst corner cutting could result in the lap counter not incrementing.
  • Online Fix - Resolved sporadic instances of upgrading an owned vehicle also upgrading the loan version.
  • Online Fix - Fixed some instances of vehicle models not correctly loading for party mode vehicle classes that have multiple vehicles.
  • Online Fix - Fixed select tooltip persisting on screen during online sessions if the user is on the confirm repair screen as the pre-race timer expires.
  • RaceNet Fix – Resolved issues related to the “best lap time” ghost car using a default livery rather than the player’s custom livery.
  • Online Fix - Fixed instances of viewing another players stats causing the user to receive the wrong race winnings.
  • RaceNet Fix - Players are told they are 'Signing out of RaceNet' when returning to the Press Start screen after purchasing DLC.
  • Career Fix - (Street) - Some players were not awarded the team target bonus for Cup objectives when driving for Ravenwest.
  • AI Fix - (Drift) - Very easy AI in quarter and semi final heats will always have medium level difficulty scores.
  • Career Fix - (Drift) - Fixed sporadic instances of "Drive X km in a Drift event" sponsor objective giving an impossibly high figure.
  • Feature Addition – Support implemented for additional DLC including a “Sprint” pack (with additional game mode) and a “Touring Car” pack.
  • Miscellaneous additional bug fixes


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Well like most big projects, when something goes wrong, at the end of the day there is always someone(s) telling that one special person(s) I told you so. I am pretty sure Loore and a host of other employees behind the scenes know who that person(s) is who dropped the ball and allowed for this problem to occur. Someone sweeped something under the rug, or someone looked the other way, or someone, well you get the point. But bottom line is the blame belongs to the managers and their bosses. Someone needs to be reprimanded for this HUGE mistake(s) cause someone knew something was not just right, someone knew this potentially could happen, and whoever didn't listen or make the right call for the change or fix needs to be demoted or fired. This is NOT a small problem, this is a HUGE game breaking problem.

Oh, and how about those effected the most, the consumer. Hey Codemasters, do the classy thing and give us a freebie or two. Selling DL content while potentially 100% of console players would be effected by this. well that is NOT classy at all, pretty darn tasteless. Do some damage control, make your customers happy and be a step above all those other Devs and Publishers and make your consumers #1 priority here and not profits. 

You make us #1 and your profits will grow, you sweep this thing under the rug with no big time apology and free gifts to say you are sorry, and you will find yourself falling from grace. Don't be the EA's of the gaming industry, do the right thing.

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Thank You for speaking to us and relating the news of a hopeful fix for the console customers coming soon.  I do look forward continuing this game with all of my purchased (broken and missing DLC packs) that don't even show up on my new profile which, thankfully has not been corrupted yet.

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Thank you @‌Loore for the info. Folks sit back and take this in for a moment please. My Mother-in-Law was just told today that she has 5 most likely cancerous tumors in her chest area. I lost my Dad to cancer 10 years ago this month on the 26th.

 I am not saying you do not have a right to be mad, heck I was mad about this game twice already too. But the meaning is right there in my statement it is a "game". In the grand scheme of the world it is all but a trivial little problem.

But I can tell it has really gotten under Loore's skin because. Why else would you even bother to comment and take exception to some of our comments. If all he and Codies are worried about is money? Just try to be thankful of things around you, family, friends, & the ability to play a game. 

Again I probably will get crapped on for my comments, but I have been crapped on before by much bigger dogs. Thanks Peace, and take care of those around you. Don't take them for granted.

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@loore Nice one big man. Look forward to it! 

@fostbitten , Them feels bro, I understand :-( but great way to put things in prospective. Much bigger things to be worried about , I agree 100%. 40pound and a game is little compared to the bigger picture in life.

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Very sorry to hear about your troubles FostBitten. Best of luck.

I understand "it's just a game," and of course it's not the highest priority in anyone's life. This is the game's official forum, so this is naturally the most obvious place to discuss the game. I don't come to a game forum to talk about the rest of my life - I come to a game forum to talk about the game. It's only natural that all of the discussion on a game's forum revolves around that game.

Just because the game is the sole focus of discussion on the game's forum certainly does not mean that the game is the sole focus of anyone's life.

If customers just silently roll over on issues like this, then game companies will have no incentive to do better. If CodeMasters thinks that customers will keep buying broken games, then they'll just keep selling us more broken games.

I'm not personally or hatefully attacking anyone at CodeMasters, nor am I discounting the hours of effort anyone put into creating this game. I'm only expressing my extreme disappointment in buying a broken game. I'd love to be Grid AutoSport's biggest fan & tell everyone who will listen that they should be playing this game, but I can't when the game doesn't work.

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I know what you mean @Operator1 but, I was trying to make some folks that think simply say the game is "broken" and it is the worst thing to happen to me ever. That is all I was trying to say to let some know that there are worse things that can happen to you. I hope not but, it does happen. 

It just kinda rubs me the wrong way when people take things to a personal level over something as silly as a game. And yes I do agree with you about letting people know there is something wrong. With a product. Thanks for the well wishes and everything in life always works it's way out either bad or good. 

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Loore, thank you for updating us all on patch progress. Once the Xbox 360 patch goes live I'll be busy messaging our club members that GAS race nights are ready to resume once again.

I will check back in on this thread regularly and look forward to any future updates / news you may have on console patch deployment.

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Thank you @‌Loore for the info. Folks sit back and take this in for a moment please. My Mother-in-Law was just told today that she has 5 most likely cancerous tumors in her chest area. I lost my Dad 10 years ago this month on the 26th.

 I am not saying you do not have a right to be mad, heck I was mad about this game twice already too. But the meaning is right there in my statement it is a "game". In the grand scheme of the world it is all but a trivial little problem.

But I can tell it has really gotten under Loore's skin because. Why else would you even bother to comment and take exception to some of our comments. If all he and Codies are worried about is money? Just try to be thankful of things around you, family, friends, & the ability to play a game. 

Again I probably will get crapped on for my comments, but I have been crapped on before by much bigger dogs. Thanks Peace, and take care of those around you. Don't take them for granted.

so, so true :)

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@FOSTBITTEN My sympathiers are with you and your family... it's a really tough one that I know all too well. Re the game I am pleased to see that the patch is getting closer (hopefully) as this really is a superb game given the chance. I had a couple of fantastic races Monday night in the league I am part of with one race ending with just 2/tenths between a couple of us after 20 laps around Indy GP circuit and the other with a 20 laps of bumper to bumper racing that was as good as anything i've ever been a part of. I hope this patch will bring back so many that have given up on it because of the corrupt file issue. It would be good to see the lobbies filling up again :)
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@Hammerpgh62‌ thank you. And thank you too for bringing up a point that has been lost within all of this, I agree with you about the close racing that is possible and the close finishes that happen in what seems to be fairly often. Of course some time you get in to Online Playlist where someone gets a great start and just walks away from the field but, even in those races the podium places are hotly contested. And yes I hope once the patch arrives that it will bring those corrupted folks back to the races.

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yep I agree with most on here they done a really good rally game Dirt 2 but how may years has that been out and they never fixed the line glitch where u can just drive upto the line and just as the front of the car goes past the start line they hit reset and it puts them forward a lap as for Grid Autosport ive only been reset once  now I don't do any tuning and I seem to be fine touch wood lol
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ahh I see sorry Loore still pants how code masters have almost brushed it off as irrelevant

It's not brushed off, if I posted the OP into a thread it would have got missed and we'd have tons of other threads popping up asking for an update.


It's actually a different cause than previously, same result granted but what caused it is different. I'm not saying it makes it ok, but it is worth keeping in mind. 

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So it's going to be a month of being unable to play a game that I bought brand new (pre-ordered even)?  A lot of devs try to do something to make up for such a gross error in programming, which was on top of that so poorly handled (sorry, but there was a huge lack of info and updates to the community in regards to what was going on with the console version of the game).  Instead we got paid-for dlc.  I understand that sometimes bad things happen, but since 100%  of the people I played this game with on a regular basis got hit by this (5 for 5) it seems like this is something that should have been identified and fixed through game testing before release.  And while the entirety of the delay is not Codemasters "fault", the overall product is their responsibility.  Not Microsoft or Sony's.  I know the validation process can be a pain, but there have been plenty of devs that have gotten a "hot fix" out within a week.  I was told more than 2 weeks ago by support that a patch was on the way and would be out "soon".  I know it doesn't take the console companies 3+ weeks to test a patch.  And don't get me started on the rep telling me I can just play on another account until the patch comes out.  That was infuriating.  Personally, I think anyone hit by this false corruption should at the very least get the booster pack as compensation to make up for all the XP we've lost out on being able to get since being hit by this bug/glitch/screw up.

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