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Corrupt Save File / Console Patches


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ZalexQc said:
andaya said:
ZalexQc said:
andaya said:

Glad it works, at least you can play the game till the patch come out, many people should investigate instead to leave the game and wait fr the fix, but i´m not saying or defending anything, is a trick that sometimes becames complicated and is not idea of a race game should be, in fact any game XD, but circunstances forces to dot hings like that wich hasn´t nothing to do with the game purpose.

Keep on Racing!!

Well, all people that get save corruption and relied on PS+ With autosave overnight are screwed when they realise next day there is a problem, cuz good save been replaced with corupted save online... So how do we investigate when we cant play ? ;p

In my case I did another PSN account and restarted from scratch on that one to keep 1st intact, in case they fix it one day. Sadly yesterday second account got corrupted. The common thing between the two is that I maxed out a car last day I got corruption. Level 50 on the car with all options bought, next time I want to play: BOuM ! In your face adicted gamer, you cant play anymore... mouhahahahahaha !

Meh ! :(

Do you really say "Keep on racing !!" to guys that cant play because of a bug that dont allow game to start ?!? 


I said keep on racing as a way to salute or whatever, if you can´t figure out how this issue can be avoid at least to KEEP PLAYING while the patch comes out, i recommend to you read the forum and find the tips to do it. Or read other post by me and other users.

I´m talking about saving, not auto-saving and all those stuff that doesn´t rathers to mention. You can´t play beacuse of a great bug, right, but you can avoid it following some BASIC operations like SAVE cumulative and watch the garage and car sell prices; that´s all. If you overwrite the file or do not watch and test your saves is your problem.

The only thing here is the help i was trying to tell to another user; i don´t know, and don´t mind, your mouhahahaha!!, your Meh! or your lol.

Read and learn.

" Te lo diré más claro en mi idioma:

si no tienes ni idea de lo que estás hablando, al menos deja el sarcasmo, lee, aprende y te ruego que no uses mis palabras para sacarlas de contexto; graciosetes, bufones y lammers no forman parte de mi tiempo; confórmate con que te haya contestado. Nadie te ha pedido que interfieras en la ayuda a otro usuario. Si eres tan listo recupera tus datos por tus medios, si no, mantente al margen o al menos no vengas a hacerte el gracioso o el ofendido, yo no tengo la culpa de tus carencias"


And Keep on Waiting!!

Duh !
It was all irony but the last part where I ask if you were really saying that to a guy with a corupted game.
Dont take things so personal man, not good for ealth !
And for the wait... I'm now waiting a fix for the last races of sets that hand half of the time on PS3...
So yea, I keep on Waiting.
No problem, i was almost forgot this comment...XD; maybe i have a problem sometimes with english language, is not my language and is not easy to me understand sometime irony or sarcasm. I use to use a lot sarcasm...XD.

Anyway, sorry, no problem, i think i misunderstood your message then.

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