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Logitech G920 Force Feedback Settings For Dirt Rally?


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Please be gentle, first time posting!

Having played Dirt Rally for a couple of months using just a gamepad, I've now decided to take the experience to the next level and invested in a Logitech G920 wheel, pedals and shifter.  I'm really liking the wheel and the level of force it can exert, BUT, for the life of me I can not get the force feedback settings right in Dirt Rally.  There is just something that doesn't feel right?  I've searched this forum and Google'd online and found lots of posts regarding this but they all appear to relate to the early release of Dirt Rally.  Since then force feedback has been updated and it appears as though all early issues have been resolved and everyone's setup is now behaving correctly?

On my wheel I can feel vibrations from the road and collisions, but where it seems to fail is on heavy cornering where I would expect the wheel to resist against the turn and want to self-center.  Also occasionally I can also feel the steering pull unexpectedly due to a dip in the road for instance, yet whilst testing, if I drive close to the ditch at the side of the road there is no obvious pull into this which I would expect.

I have other racing sims such as Project Cars and Grid Autosport which seem to behave better, or at least more intuitively to me.  Therefore I believe the wheel and driver to be OK.

One other strange thing that happened on first using the wheel and may be of relevance, although Dirt Rally recognised I was using a G920 it failed to map the pedals correctly.  It thought that the accelerator was the brake pedal!
I've remapped the pedals and buttons and calibrated the wheel within the game.

Within the Logitech Gaming Software I've set...
  • Wheel Sensitivity from 50% to 100%
  • Wheel Operating Range to 900
  • Enable Centering Spring is OFF (my understanding is that the game physics should control straightening of the wheel as and when required)
  • Centering Spring Strength is 0%
  • And I've also checked the tickbox to allow games to control the force feedback (although this appears to have no effect because even when unchecked the game still seems to have overriding control of the force feedback)
And within Dirt Rally, my settings are shown below (this is the best I have managed to get following various attempts at using other's settings)....

Can anyone advise what I should check or adjust next?

I'd be grateful of any advice!


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I'll ask the obvious questions: soft lock ON? What car are you using for testing? What surface/s?
And some suggestions: SAT of 120% is very high,...generally values over 55% can or may cause clipping,...depending on your overall profile FFB settings.
I am by no means an expert and like you I am still fine tuning the in game settings to find a happy medium between "realism" and going fast :)

I'm sure you've seen this one, but take a look at the video as well noting that the user is using a T-500.

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Wow, thanks for the fast reply!

Yes soft lock is ON and my understanding of what this does is limit the wheel rotation based on the type of car.  So although my wheel has 900 degrees of rotation if the car being driven requires less then the soft lock will kick in and resist the wheel from being turned past that soft limit with whatever force is set in the Soft Lock force feedback setting.  This does seem to be working.

I'll try lowering the SAT again, I seem to recall setting it at about 65 and that giving reasonable results.  But I've now tried so many settings that I've lost track of what worked and what didn't!

I've tested on gravel tracks and tarmac tracks as I'm not sure what to expect when driving on gravel since I've never experienced it in real life.  But never does the car attempt to pull into the ditch at the roadside, only collisions are felt.  Is this a limitation of the game?

I'm beat for tonight, I'll check out the link you've provided tomorrow and have another stab at it.

Are you also using a G920?

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No I'm using a G27. Do you have a button assigned to handbrake? I use button 8 which is topmost left on the wheel for me. You will definitely need one :)
For tarmac use Germany or Monaco. You should be able to drive the Escort and be able to catch oversteer with the information you get from the wheel. The very early RWD vehicles are light in the front, whereas the newer 2000/2010 AWD vehicles have more traction, better balance and are more forgiving :)
Drive them from the inside to get a real sense of the rotation of the vehicles. Bonnet view is good for learning the stages but you get a better sense of where the nose is from the first and second cockpit views. Have fun.
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Soft Lock and Steering Center Force doesn't affect ffb while car is moving.

- Soft Lock % is the thing that is supposed to stop the wheel after certain degrees when in game Soft Lock(changing degrees of rotations) setting is on. U should put it 150% so u can't "overturn" the wheel.

- Steering Center Force % just centers the wheel at the start line and after a reset (reset=teleportation back to road). Like 50-100% should be high enough but u can use whatever u want.
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Thanks @Superd00ps and @karik134

Nice tip to use the old Escort!  I've uninstalled the Logitech drivers and gaming software just in-case that made any difference but alas it didn't.  I've tried lowering the SAT value but its only with higher values that I start to get the self aligning feel on the wheel when heavy cornering.

I was really hoping that someone here on the Forum would be using a G920 and be willing to provide me with a good starting point for Force Feedback values.  I understand that everyone has there own preference in terms of the amount of force etc, but my setup just doesn't feel right at times.

Any how, I may have made some progress tonight.  I've had my first few really enjoyable sessions racing the old Escort and the 4WD Evo.  What I have done now is set the following values....
  • SAT                  = 90%
  • Wheel Friction = 55%
  • Tyre Friction    = 0%
  • Suspension       = 0%
  • Tyre Slip          = 0%
  • Collision          = 0%
  • Soft Lock         = 150%
  • Steering Center Force = 100%
With these values it feels much better,  I'll keep persevering and try gradually adding the other effects back.  I'll also try fine tuning the Wheel Friction value.  I'm not entirely sure what this effect does?  it appears to make the wheel feel heavier but I think it also helps with aligning the wheel during heavy cornering? Not really sure?

Thanks for your attention and the advice,
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Ive just bought my first wheel g920 for dirt on xbone and am having trouble with settings, the default settings just seem way too harsh pulling me around and generally feeling uncontrolable as im new to this any suggs about settings would be awesome as I have £250 invested in the wheel and stand so I really want it to work as I had hoped.
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Ive just bought my first wheel g920 for dirt on xbone and am having trouble with settings, the default settings just seem way too harsh pulling me around and generally feeling uncontrolable as im new to this any suggs about settings would be awesome as I have £250 invested in the wheel and stand so I really want it to work as I had hoped.
I have the G920 and have tried various settings.  What I find works well on gravel and tarmac is then not so good on snow and ice resulting in knocking sounds from the wheel.
But so far my prefered settings are these...
SAT = 75
WF = 45
TF = 65
Sus = 30
TS = 40
Col = 40
SL = 100
SCF = 60

If the wheel still feels too heavy for you then you can try reducing WF (Wheel Friction) and/or TF (Tyre Friction).  But this may result  in the wheel producing knocking sounds when losing traction.

Sorry for the delayed reply, I've been away for a while.
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