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Cars that I think could be added to DiRT Rally

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Hello fellow players. Since I have began playing DiRT Rally, I have loved the game. It reminds me of the old games I used to play from the series, with my personal favourite being Colin McRae Rally 2005. This new game is a great way to continue the series but I think we need more cars added. Cars that have disappeared when a new game in the series launched. Here are some cars that I believe deserve to be added into the game, either as DLC or as a freebie:

-Peugeot 206 Rallye - A staple of the 4WD championship of the old games. I loved the way this car drove and glided through corners. But, where has it gone?
-Toyota Corolla E110 WRC - If you have played some of the earliest titles in the series, you will know what car I am talking about. It was a fast, nimble little monster, which I would gladly drive again.
-Citroen Xsara WRC 2004 - Another great rally car from the 4WD series. Codemasters, if there is a car that you need to add, this one is a must so you can pay the old school fans like myself who have been playing your games for a long time.
-The entire Super 2WD class - In Colin McRae Rally 2005, a new class of cars was introduced. And then it disappeared. It included 3 cars. The Volkwagen Golf  GTi, The Renault Clio V6 and the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA. All 3 of them drove differently to anything in the game and that's what made them fun to use. I liked the GTi because it was very agile through corners, I liked the Clio because it was easy to drift with, and I loved the Alfa for its noise.
-Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV - Another car from Colin McRae Rally 2005, this was a RWD car that was just unique in comparison to the others. Everything about it was different. That's why I loved it.
-Colin McRae R4 - If we are on the talk of unique, one-off cars, this one from DiRT 3, really does deserve to be added. I don't even need to explain why to add it. Codemasters probably know what I mean.
-Ford Escort Mk. I - Included in Colin McRae Rally 2004 and 2005 as a car in the Bonus class, I remember this car for its tendency to constantly try to get out of the driver's control at high speeds. Driving it was challenging, and made the game more fun by simply being included as a car that was awarded for completing a championship. It was like getting a "Thank you" gift, simply for playing the game.
-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 - A great addition into the game would be the mighty Evo 7. It was common in the older games, but then the older Lancers just, vanished. In place of them, we have them, we currently have the Evo 10, which saddens me. As a veteran of this series, I want to see an older Lancer appear somewhere in this game. I don't care how late into the lifespan it would be added, I just want it to happen.
-Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6 - And keeping with the Lancer theme, I would also want to see the Lancer 6 come back to the series. From what I remember, it was last seen in Colin McRae Rally 2.0. That was all the way back in 2000. And that is only one reason to add it. What about the legacy it left behind after it was retired and replaced with the Evo 7? Legendary cars, in my opinion, need to be added back.
-Ford Transit Supersports van - If Codemasters were to add a car simply for the purpose of fun, this one would be my number 1 pick. When I first unlocked this "thing" in Colin McRae Rally 2004, I was given a new level of fun and diversity. I mean, the simple fact that it was a usable vehicle in the game, just shows how creative Codemasters have been, and still can be. If they ever run out of ideas, I hope they add this thing back in.

That was my personal list of cars that I personally think should be added to the game. If you have any other suggestions, leave them below. I hope, however unlikely it is, that someone in the Codemasters staff reads this post.  


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I admire your time taken to write such a suggestion and reasons for cars. Particularly the MKI Escort. especially as you said, ' unlikely it is, that someone in the Codemasters staff reads this post'.  I too have had every single edition of the McRae series and Dirt over the years. When the games lost their grass routes of rallying, I lost interest and moved to the WRC series. However, this edition of Dirt has got me totally hooked!! I've been the UK's East midlands class Champion twice, both in my MK1 Escort. I find this game/simulator the fix I've been looking for. I could make hundreds of suggestions of cars, such as the Toyota Celica. I think there could be a legends pack addition/s. which have cars of era's, Possibly many packs for era's? maybe extended stage editions, more completely different stages too. I think the Welsh Forests are awesome, visually and for realism, also a close second for the awesomeness is the Greece stages. The German stages are very similar to the single venue airfields I used compete in. Any way, enough of our wish list. Let's hope this has woken a few games companies eyes, as it's definitely set the bench mark. A true rally game, of which people like ourselves have been asking for for many years, we were proven right, by this edition showing it's popularity. Let's hope there's more to come and that get even better! Phil.. rallyorange.co.uk.

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