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Dirt Rally PS4 Pixelated Shadows

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Hello everyone.

First of all, I  just would like to mention that I love playing Dirt Rally on my Logitech G29. The game is fantastic.
However, there is one issue that annoys me very much. I play on PS4. When I'm using a dashboard camera from inside of the car then the shadows on the road are pixelated and boxy. I have a few screenshots to show so you can know what I mean. I've uplodaded them on my Google Drive, but I can't upload them here on the forum, so here is the link to my folder with the screenshots:


If however I use other cameras (outside of the car, front bumper, bonnet, steering wheel) then the shadows are displayed properly. Screenshots:


So, my question is: Is this a bug in the game and everyone has it, or does it have to do something with my PS4 Hardware or my digital copy of Dirt Rally which I've purchased on the Playstation Store and then downloaded it to my console. Please help.

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I have asked my friends who also have Dirt Rally on PS4 to check if they have the same problem, and they do as well. So, as it turns out, it's a game problem, not my console. Codemasters, do you think that you can fix this bug?

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