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Dirt Rally Crashes during splash screen when launching using eyefinity


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When i try to run the game without eyefinity on 1 monitor, it works absolutely fine. But when i activate eyefinity for my 2 monitors, the game instantly crashes during the logo splash screen, and i can't seem to stop it. I've updated my drivers, i've verified the game data, but i don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any advice? 

AMD FX-8350
Sapphire R9 390X

Monitors: LG 23MP65 and LG 23EA63
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So, i deleted the dirt rally folder, and verified the cache, re-downloaded some files, but it still crashes after the splash screen. I don't get any error or "dirt rally has stopped responding", it just disappears.
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then i have no idea what is causing it to crash. I have tried starting the game without eyefinity and then activating the second monitor, but that results in an instant crash as soon as i try to change the resolution or go fullscreen.
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For me, this problem related to the number of cores my PC was using.
To anyone with four or more cores to their CPU, this might work for you too (i was using Windows 10 at the time):
1. hit start, type 'msconfig.exe' in search
2. the executable should be the first result - open it. On Windows 10 it has the subtitle 'Run command'
3. switch to the 'Boot' tab of the window that opens
4. click 'Advanced options...'
5. tick the 'Number of processors' box
6. using the dropdown box, select '4' as your number of cores
  --> If you have less than 4, try the highest number of cores you have. If you have more 4, still choose 4.

My computer had 5 cores but was booting with 1. Setting this option to 4 made DiRT Rally fire up on first try and every try since.
Best of luck. Hope this helps someone.
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