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PC - S.R.O.C. F1 - Upcoming season 2! - Startdate 19 - 02 - 2017 - Looking for Part-Time Drivers!

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The S.R.O.C. F1 has almost concluded it's first official season and we are preparing for our second season under a slight different format to keep things interesting for the whole field!
Here is our new format ready for everyone to read up on and please send me a PM if you are interested. I will also post the link to our private forum to see how we are organised as of yet for Season 2!

Lobby Settings:

AI-Difficulty: Master
Race Length: Short Qualifying + 25% Race
Race Length of the Season Finale: Short Qualifying + 50% Race
Car Performance: Realistic
Collisions: On
Vehicle Damage: Full
Parc Fermé Rules: On
Safety Car: On
Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
Formation Lap: Off
Weather: Every player may assign the weather of 1 Grand Prix Weekend (Qualifying + Race)

League Format:

Raceday: Every Sunday.
Starting Times: Between 19.00h and 20.00h GMT+1.
Race Sessions: Short Qualifying Session + 25% Race ×2.
Season Finale/Last GP of the Season: Short Qualifying Session + 50% Race.
Standings: Points after a race will be given out like in real Formula 1. Points scored in the Season Finale will be multiplied by 2.

Assist Usage:

- Braking Assist will be turned off.
- Pit Assist will be turned off.
- All other available in-game assists are allowed.

Team Enlistment:

In the second season of the S.R.O.C. F1 the 'slowest' drivers will be appointed the fastest cars available in F1 2016.

The final official standings of Season 001 will determine who are the fastest and slowest drivers overall in the S.R.O.C F1.
To make sure no one is drafted unfairly and to draft new entering drivers accordingly 2 short qualifying sessions will be held before the start of Season 002.
These 2 Qualifying Sessions will be held with 'Car Performance' set to Equal!
The two posted laptimes will be summed up to doublecheck the distances between drivers and to make comparisons with the final Official Standings of Season 001.

If there is a driver drafted uncorrectly on base of his skills the League Director may shift drivers to other cars if able, even during the season.
These are the cars based numerically from strongest to weakest in F1 2016.

01. Mercedes
02. Red Bull Racing
03. Scuderia Ferrari
04. Williams Racing
05. Sahara Force India F1 Team
06. Scuderia Toro Rosso
07. McLaren-Honda
08. Haas F1 Team
09. Renault Sport Formula One Team
10. Manor Racing MRT
11. Sauber F1 Team

Participants' Behaviour:

1.a. Respect other members at all times no matter of age, sex, ethnic background, nationality, skin color, handicap, etc.
1.b. Racism in this league will NOT be tolerated.
1.c. Mind your language in-game.
1.d. Scolding/insulting other drivers in a harmful way will not be tolerated.
1.e. The S.R.O.C. F1 requires active participation of it's members.


1.a. The S.R.O.C. F1 communicates through various ways that include: Https://sroc.racing, WhatsApp, DiscordApp, Youtube.
1.b. Newcomers to the S.R.O.C. F1 as well as already active members of the S.R.O.C. F1 must be willing to hand out their phonenumber to the S.R.O.C. F1 Admin,
so everyone can be invited to a central WhatsApp-group.
(Personal information will be kept private and will not be handed out to third parties).
1.c. The main language used in the S.R.O.C. F1-WhatsAppgroup is English.

2.a. DiscordApp is the main form of voice communication during official events and it's use is mandatory for every member of the S.R.O.C. F1.
2.b. When uploading recordings, including Discord-transmissions, be sure to check with other members, that you don't expose sensitive information.
2.c. When in Discord, mind the use of foul language.
2.d. Insulting, scolding or making racist remarks towards other people in general and/or through DiscordApp is forbidden.
2.e. When the League Director or his appointed replacement want to deliver an official message, keep the channel clear.
2.f. English is the main language during official events.
2.g. When in international company on DiscordApp all members are asked to speak English.
2.h. The League Director may switch languages for time-saving purposes when informing certain members.
2.i. Keep communications during official events race-related.

3.a. Members of the S.R.O.C. F1 may upload material regarding our activities to their own private channels or the main S.R.O.C. F1 Youtube-channel as long as it's in contrast with 'rule 2.b.' under the "Communication-section".
3.b. When uploading material on the S.R.O.C. F1-Youtube-channel, be sure not to make any copyright or trademark infringements.
3.c. Ask permission before using material made by other participants.

4.a. Registration on this forum is required of every member in the S.R.O.C. F1.


1.a. The League Director or his appointed replacement will give the 'OK-sign' to ready up during the official lobby.
1.b. When gathering and before readying up for official events, try to keep communication channels as clear as possible for the League Director.

On Track Behaviour:

1.a. Do not crash into other drivers on purpose.
1.b. Do not crash on purpose to cause deliberate Safety Cars.

2.a. Do not overtake other drivers recklessly, causing crashes.
2.b. Do not harass or hinder other drivers on purpose.
2.c. Be aware of cars around you.
2.d. When unsure of the location of your opponent, communicate through DiscordApp to avoid unnecessary collisions.

3.a. Don't leave your raceline more than once when attempting a block.
3.b. Don't attempt braketests on drivers quicker than you.

4.a. After being forced off-track after a crash or spin, drivers wanting to re-enter the track have to give priority to approaching drivers to avoid unnecessary collisions.

5.a. During Safety Car situations the leading car has to create space between himself and the Safety Car when entering the pitlane so he won't overtake the Safety Car to avoid bugs.
5.b. It is your responsibility to keep your position in the queue or delta behind the Safety Car. Unforseen braking and ghosting leading to a loss of position is your own fault and the driver that has gained a position doesn't need to give the position back if the game doesn't demand it.
5.c. The driver in first position decides the pace behind the Safety Car and during Safety Car-restarts. Adjust your driving style to it accordingly.

Signing off for Official Events:

1.a. When a player knows he'll be unable to be present at a certain date, post it in the 'Absent-topic' or send the League Director a personal message.
1.b. A member's absence may lead to a Reserve-driver driving in your stead. The standings will be updated accordingly.

2.a. Do not leave the Official Lobby after a DNF/DSQ without permission from the League Director.
2.b. Ask permission to leave an official lobby by stating your name and reason to disconnect to the League Director.

Penalties (Regular & Additional):

1.a. Regular penalties collected in-game will be enforced.

2.a. Misconduct or infraction of the rules may lead to additional penalties given by the League Director.

3.a. If you believe to have suffered a disadvantage due to someone else's actions on track, preferably file a complaint including a video of the incident to srocf1yt@gmail.com.
3.b. A driver can only protest after the round has ended.
3.c. Complaints without video will not be processed.
3.d. The League Director requires full co-operation during an investigation from all drivers involved.
3.e. When being accused, try to have videomaterial for yourself, it may lead to a more accurate investigation.

4.a. The penalties for infraction of rules 1.a. to 1.d. under the "Participants' Behaviour"-section, may vary from point deduction to a league ban, depending on the severity of the infraction.
4.b. The penalty for causing an avoidable collision at the start of a race, will most likely be a gridpenalty for the following race. Placing the offender at the back of the grid.
Drivers with a gridpenalty are not allowed to post laptimes during qualifying.
The offender has to ask permission to the League Director to leave the garage if one needs to run a systemcheck for his game's performance.
4.c. Additional penalties that are being enforced are shown in the "Official Standings"-topic, here: http://f1.subterran.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32

5.a. Additional timepenalties will be handed out to offenders causing incidents during a race.
5.b. Repeat offenders will be handed out more serious penalties.
5.c. The additional timepenalties will be dealt to you at one of the following points: The track where the crash has happened or at one of the two races in the following round, where the original penalty has been published.
Of these 3 raceresults, the one with your best raceresult will receive the pending timepenalty.
5.d. Following up on 'Rule 5.c.' in the "Penalties"-section: If you have 2 or more identical raceresults, the pending timepenalty will be dealt there where the distance with the next driver in line is the smallest.
5.e. Once the location of a timepenalty is known and enforced, the standings will be edited accordingly.

6.a. Official warnings will be given out to drivers with minor infractions. No further penalties will be appointed in this situation.

7.a. The League Director, at this moment and time responsible for appointing additional penalties, must be trusted to be impartial.
7.b. The penalty is given after a process of deliberation and investigation. Please respect the decision of the League Director and accept your penalty in a classy manner.

Session Restarts:

1.a. A restart of the session will take place when 50% of the present drivers crash and DNF in Sector 1 in the first lap.
1.b. A restart of the session will take place when a driver is disconnected from the official lobby and is unable to rejoin the lobby and re-enter his AI-Driven Car.
1.c. Drivers who are late can join the Short Qualifying Session at any given point. If a driver is late for a race but he is online before LAP 4, there will be a restart. Once LAP 4 has begun only a unanimous decision by all driving participants will make a restart possible.
1.d. There will be maximum of 2 restarts due to tardiness per Grand Prix. Only a unanimous decision by all driving participants can change this.

Rules/Schedule Changes:

1.a. Every round is pre-set on a certain date.
1.b. Every participant in the S.R.O.C. F1 has the right to propose a change in the schedule through a poll on the forum.
1.c. One poll can only apply to one race. Re-scheduling 2 races requires 2 polls.
1.d. A re-scheduling poll can only be opened 7 days or more before the corresponding race.
1.e. A poll result concerning a rescheduling of a race can only pass by a unanimous decision amongst all participating drivers.
1.f. All drivers are obliged to vote.

2.a. In consultation with the League Director members of the S.R.O.C. F1 can apply rule changes to the league.
2.b. Before any official polls on rule changes start, present your plan to the League Director.
2.c. If the League Director approves the presented rule change, you may start a poll directed at all drivers in the S.R.O.C. F1.
2.d. Every participant of the S.R.O.C. F1 is obliged to vote.
2.e. You may ask fellow drivers or the League Director to point attention to your presented poll to speed up the voteprocess.
2.f. If the rule change contains a change that is changeable from race to race without problems, the League Director has the right to stall the start of an official event until every driver present in the lobby or DiscordApp has entered their vote.
2.g. Following up on 'rule 2.f.' in the "Rules/Schedule Changes"-section: When the pollresult is in, the change will be enforced immediately.
2.h. To pass a change, it needs at least 51% of all votes once all drivers have voted.
2.i. Votes may not be acquired through bribes, payments, deals and other mischief.
2.j. Every member of the S.R.O.C. F1 may vote however he/she chooses.

3.a. The League Director may invoke the right to add rules to the regulations if it benefits the S.R.O.C. F1 going forward.
3.b. The League Director may invoke the right to switch rules back after a change has taken place through polls if in the aftermath the concerning change has a negative impact on the majority of all drivers' gameplay.


1.a. The League Director is in charge of recruitment and ultimately decides who joins the S.R.O.C. F1.
1.b. Existing members of the S.R.O.C. F1 may present friends/acquaintances to the League Director through Steam. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198014108275/
1.c. Existing members of the S.R.O.C. F1 are assured that fresh recruits injected into the league as Reserve or Stand-in, have undergone a test of their capabilities. (Pace & in-traffic).
1.d. Following up on 'Rule 1.c.' under the "Recruitment"-section: A reserve or stand-in will be instructed by the League Director not to mingle in a championshipfight late in the season.
1.e. The League Director is ultimately in charge of appointing participants to their teams and/or corresponding league/division.

2.a. Welcome new members with an open mind and friendliness.

You can visit our forum here: www.sroc.racing

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As we have a full playingfield for the upcoming season the S.R.O.C. F1 is open to people willing to act as substitutes or fill-in for absent drivers.
If interested, contact me through the channels stated above.

Thank you!

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