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Iist of issues that still need addressed. ( please fix for new game )


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Hello. I know that you've announced that you're no longer making any adjustments to the current Formula one game, but here are a few issues that are still in the game. Please find a fix for them in the new F1 2017 game. 

*Screen issues whilst in direct view of sunlight. ( all game modes ) 

*Being overtaken by AI whilst under safety conditions and losing a position. ( they ghost through you on all modes ) 

*Backing out of multiplayer co op games mid race and restarting gives you used tires for the start of the race. 

*AI doing dry times on a wet track, setting dry times with wet tires. ( online and offline ) 

*AI coming out of the pits with seconds to go in qualifying. ( all modes ) 

*AI not receiving penalties for causing collisions during the race, not even a warning. ( all modes )

*Sometimes I have received the wrong tire when pitting. Only happened a few times. ( online ) 

*Random disconnections online. 

*Whilst under formation lap, losing the ability to drive the car. (Usually at the start of online ) 

*AI still are very laggy online. 

*Baku racing line glitch. When doing practice sessions for Rnd. 

*space for more when I think of them, or they occur.

This was all on PS4. If anyone has things to add, whip them in here so they have a list of issues to look into for the new game. Let's make sure we eliminate all the little critters. 

Please issues only, no complaining. We have enough threads for that. 
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