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F1 2016 XBOX ONE TSRL Season 4! Recruiting NOW!

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TSRL - Race Days

The race days take place on every Friday. The dates for each race is posted on the calendar page on the website. Here you will see what race is up next, what day the race is and the past races completed and the podium finishers! The races lobby open time is at 7:00pm GMT, and the qualifying start time is at 7:15pm GMT, this is a slightly earlier time to other leagues so that if we do FULL QUALFYING, then the race won't be finishing around 10:30 but more like 9:30. The races themselves will be 50% races so that there is opportunity for good clean racing and various strategies going on around the track. 

TSRL - General Settings

TSRL Season 4 will be using STRICT corner cutting at every track, this is to make racing more fair. It will also have dynamic weather conditions, safety car ON, formation lap ON, Parc Ferme ON, Collisons ON, Eqaul cars ON, vehicle damage REDUCED, AI difficulty MASTER.
TSRL - Rules

As Season 4 approaches the Stewards and co leaders of the league have been discussing some new rules that will be added into Season 4 to create cleaner racing. Some of the rules that are being brought into Season 4 are: Call Out Overtakes, A driver must announce and hour before the race if they can or can not race on that day, as soon as flying lap is called out the whole party/ chat is silent for the rest of qualifying, if you lose 3 strikes from not tuning up to races you get demoted from full time driver to reserve driver, if you don't record an incident that was your fault you will get a penalty, you can get an incident reviewed but if the stewards come to the same conclusion that it was your fault you will get double the penalty for wasting the stewards time! If any rules are broken you will receive penalties! Other rules from Season 3 are on the website that will be taken into Season 4.

TSRL - Assists

The TSRL assists for Season 4 are yet to be concluded, but here is a rough idea of what assists will be banned and what won't be banned:
Braking Assists - Banned
Anit Lock Brakes - Optional
Traction Control - Optional
Track Line - Optional
Pit assists - Banned
Gear Assists - Optional
Starting Assists - Manuel

TSRL - First Race?

The first race for Season 4 is yet to be confirmed but there are rumours that it will be starting a week after Season 3 has finished, this means it could start on Fridays 3rd of March!

TSRL - Website


Bare in mind this website is for Season 3, there will be a new one for Season 4

TSRL - How To Sign Up

To sign up, simply state your gamer tag down below in the comments section and one of the stewards, co leaders or myself will get in touch with you as soon as we can. We will then message you on Xbox and ask you to set lap times on TT around 3 specific tracks so that we can get an idea of your pace. We are also doing this so that we can make the teams as fair as possible and so everyone has a chance of winning something In Season 4! 
Also, to sign up we advise you to get Facebook, this is necessary as we have set up a group for you to join when you are officially part of TSRL, in this group ther will be important posts about race days, polls about peoples races, interviews and more!

There is also an alternative way in which you may sign up, simply press the link below and fill out the form, one of the stewards will then get to you immediately!

• Facebook
• Working Headset


TSRL hope to see YOU in Season 4!

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It Brazil this Friday to round of round 20 (penultimate round of Season 3) before the league steps a race closer to the start of season 4! Make sure you sign up before the deadline day!

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