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Why no virtual mirror for console??


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I know I keep referencing Etx Nascar game's, but I played all of them on the console and when you turn on the mirror function it seems as if things that happen on the track are sketchier and yes the frame rate will slow down if there is a wreck either way. But I can say that the mirror does seem to cause weird glitches. That I usually had not noticed while it was off. 

And I love that mirror up their and was disappointed to hear the mirror was not coming to consoles too. But, what can I do about it? Nothing. Sadly that is all you can do if you play GAS on consoles. Oh well there are worse things that can happen to a xbox player (RROD). I should have never typed those four letters......

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Are we talking about virtual mirrors, or an actual in car rear view mirror? Serious question, because I was under the impression that it was going to be the latter. 

It's going to be a virtual mirror i.e. a rectangle at the top of the screen. I checked with @Loore already. Also the mirror is actually in the game right now and can be enabled with a tweak, but it's currently buggy.

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