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IRL F1 League - Xbox Leagues | Season 2 Sign-Ups

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IRL F1 League

The IRL F1 League has been running on Xbox One since September 2016, and so we have decided that for Season 2, we will be running no assists.
The league already has over 15 Sign ups, so spaces are limited.

We will be running short qualifying and a 50% Race

Season 1 has seen 10 different winners so far, and the fight for the season 2 championship looks to be as competitive as ever! So sign up now at www.irlracingassociation.weebly.com. to have your chance to be a part of the battle!

IRL F2 League

The IRL F2 League is new for Season 2. F2 Will run at the same time and day, however assists will be allowed so that others can compete!

We will run the same rules and calendar, so sign up at www.irlracingassociation.weebly.com

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