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is it me or the slr maclaren 722 seems slow after the 250 kph? is really slow to rev up compared to other cars...... the sl65 has less top speed less acc less power and is heavyer then slr and rev's up faster

is it just me dreaming or any1 else is experience this too

can some1 confirme if im wrong?

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From my Comprehensive Car Guide, you can check it out for other street/tuner cars.


  •  Excellent launch acceleration
  •  Great low to medium speed acceleration (1st to 4th gear)
  •  Excellent traction at corner exits
  •  Great turn-in ability at corners


  •  Weak high speed acceleration (5th gear)
  •  Slight tendency to drift at corner exits
  •  Slightly unstable at high speed

Because of the street playlist map choices for GT Category, rarely the SLR 722 will exceed high speeds at 5th gear, thats why not many people will experience this. Though the SL65 will have better acceleration at 5th gear, but the acceleration from the first 4 gears of the 722 is better.

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