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YourStage abilities & limitations


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Hey all,
I'm very excited to see what YourStage can do. Apparently it is able to produce tracks that look like they've been especially designed by a team of level designers and I hope this is true. It is a much-needed feature to come along, especially for the rally scene.
While I fully-approve of them developing in this direction for the future, I am a little concerned by some of its apparent limitations. I read somewhere that Monte Carlo and Greece were not feasible as rally locations due to the mountainous terrain and hence large vistas that it would have to reproduce. I'm sure that we will see plenty of jumps and bumps, but I hope we don't miss out on REAL elevation changes as is a classic feature of many rally locations. I don't want to feel like I'm hemmed in a corridor with just rocks and trees on either side all the time.
For anyone who has seen the system in action, could you perhaps put my mind at ease on a few of the following questions?
* Will we still see junctions that you can accidentally overshoot?
* Do we get to at least some moderate elevation changes such as large hills or low mountains?
* Are there impressive vistas, or is it more about the immediate trackside detail?
* Are there realistic surface changes, with patches of heavier gravel/snow, not just longitudinally but laterally across the track?
* Does it generate interesting dips, crests and camber on the tracks?
* Does it generate interesting aesthetic trackside detail such as villages, farms, cattle grids, paddock gates, urban features, etc?

If we have to miss out on high-altitude vistas such as Monte and Greece this time around, I really hope it is addressed in the next title, or even better as DLC for this title.
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There are definitely junctions and elevation changes, but I agree that it's a shame to lose stages where you ascend a mountain with a rock wall on one side and a drop off a cliff on the other.

It's these vistas that are my favourite images of rallying and it would be great if they'd be able to improve the Your Stage tech in this way in future versions, but I fear we may have to wait a few more iterations before we're at that stage.

No harm in them taking one step back to take a leap forward though!
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Yeah, definitely agree. YourStage is a bold new direction that I fully approve of. No doubt Codies will be hard at work developing it in the near future so that we can revisit our mountain vistas :)

PS. I watched some gameplay of the Subaru in Australia and the stages do look very natural (they don't look computer-generated). Fingers crossed there will be enough variety to live up to what was showcased in Dirt Rally.
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