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MMXVII Formula 1 Grand Prix Predictor Forum Game


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Yeah, makes sense, I'm only nowhere near the top-5 lmao.

To explain my stroke of genius, I knew that the Force India would be quick here, because they traditionally are at high-speed tracks and they have Mercedes-engines. I also expected Esteban Ocon to deliver in the wet, based on his performance in the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix. That's it. Literally that race.

I also gave him banter on Twitter and knew that it would inspire him to great heights.
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Hungary and Belgium Results are up!!!!!!

Awesome. Can I just ask, not that it matters as I don't have a chance of catching you lot at the top, but I believe you've only counted 2 weeks instead of 3 for my overall results. Is that right ? Just I thought I had completed 3 weeks. 

You're right, the formulae in the spreadsheet are correct but I'm not sure why it didn't add the points
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Italian Grand Prix

1) Lewis Hamilton +6
2) Sebastian Vettel +0
3) Valtteri Bottas +0

1) Sebastian Vettel +5
2) Lewis Hamilton +10
3) Kimi Raikkonen +5
4) Valtteri Bottas +5
5) Daniel Ricciardo +10 (25 Bonus)
6) Nico Hulkenberg +0
7) Romain Grosjean +0
8) Esteban Ocon +5
9) Carlos Sainz +0
10) Felipe Massa +5

Fastest Lap
Sebastian Vettel +0
76 Points. I have been doing poorly the last couple of rounds. I need to redeem myself in Singapore.
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Singapore Grand Prix

1) Daniel Ricciardo
2) Sebastian Vettel
3) Lewis Hamilton

1) Sebastian Vettel
2) Daniel Ricciardo
3) Lewis Hamilton
4) Kimi Raikkonen
5) Valtteri Bottas
6) Nico Hulkenberg
7) Sergio Perez
8) Fernando Alonso
9) Esteban Ocon
10) Stoffel Vandoorne

Fastest Lap
Daniel Ricciardo

Need some good points this round.
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