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a new league/competion: King Of Gravel!


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Greetings fellow rallyists! Due to lack of meaningful leagues and for the sake of the upcoming dirt 4 i've decided to create one myself:

(The) King Of Gravel!

What is it?

King Of Gravel will be a 4 location (greece/finland/wales/sweden) 12 stage rally to determine the fastest gravel drivers at their skill bracket.


- You may choose any car up to 300hp

- Vehicle setup only possible on first and 7th stage

- Service area every 2 stages

- Check(save)points on stages 4 and 8

How will it play out?

The league will begin 1st of March and ends 1st of May. Signup will be open until the end of the first event. Each event will be driveable for roughly 2 weeks and will be held as follows:

01.03-15.03 Greece

16.03-31.03 Finland

01.04-15.04 Wales

16.04-30.04 Sweden

Stages are in the default order and will follow a predictable weather pattern cycling through all the possible options.

The league will have 3 skill brackets, all will have their own leagues set up for more spirited competition. Pick the one that reflects your skill level at the time of signup:

Master = at or defeated masters championship


Pro = at elite or professional championship


Rising star = at clubman or open championship


Special rules:

  • stage restarts allowed on first 2 events.

  • Tuning allowed at every service

  • allways good driving weather(no night/rain/wet)

Any high skill level drivers caught in the lower brackets will be disqualified. Note: If you reach a higher skill level during the league, you wont be disqualified.

Why multiple brackets?

Becouse this league is going to have prizes! And for the obvious reason of racing against people of vastly different skill level just isn't fun/fair.

Hold up, you said something about prizes?

Indeed! To spice things up i have decided to have trophy's with inscriptions made for the top drivers in each category and medals for the winner of each individual rally in the master and pro brackets! Depending where you live in the world i might ask you to cover some of the postage fee but you have my word everyone will receive their Prizes.

In addition, i will choose a random player out of all of those who finish the whole league to receive a free copy of DiRT 4 @ launch! So dont throw in the towel even if your not in the top!

Now get out there and join the competion!

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