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Changing Display name


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Yeah, my response was no also so I had to create another profile which means I lost all my points from the other profile. That really sucked plus I don't know if this is related or not but I bought 2 cars after moving and I can't use them because every time I finish a race with it, the game freezes. I go into my vehicles and try to sell it and it tells me there was an error when I purchased it. I can't drive it and I can't sell it so I have 2 wasted garage slots now that are useless.......

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Also have problems with RaceNet, made an account in the time of X360 then used it for PS3 and PS4.

Had some issues seing friends time in Grid AutoSport bit in DiRT 2.0 I just cant see anyone from my friend list of PS4.

Only friends  can see is when I start a club event and some join it, then i see there names but as any unknow guy that would join in, not as friend.


Friend filter is just broken for my RaceNet account and PS4 games. No idea how to fix it.

Name is not the same, PSN is Zalex and RaceNet is ZalexQc, it does not seem to like it.

Strange as it's multiplatform... who have the chance to have same names on all platforms but if your name is something weird and really unique like ExtAV4G3z4-2074 ! lol

Keep me in touch if there is a fix for it.


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