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"Chirping" rally cars and DiRT 4/Rally


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Id like to hear a little more 'violence' in the sound, but i am already more than happy with what we have in DR. Any improvement is a bonus.
Absolutely. The quality of sound has been talked about on here numerous times before but, even though there are a few little gripes, DiRT Rally (and to be fair the DiRT series in general) is pretty damn excellent in terms of sound. 

DiRT Rally nails my two fave sounding rally cars (the S1 quattro and Group A Impreza) better than any other game ever has. 
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bogani said:
Well yeah so do I, but I never did see the point of driving slowly in a rally game.
Nahh. Reading the daily thread, I really don't think your enjoying the game anymore. The obsession of being fastest just seems to frustrate you. But hey, we all have different takes on what's enjoyable.

Sometimes I wanna hunt PB's, sometimes I just wanna throw the car around a stage without the time in mind.
Please read my edit.
Fair enough!

1765 hours. That's like 74 whole days at the wheel. No wonder your wheel broke ;)
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Talking about the Quattro...having clumsily tried to make cars chirp some more in D:R, the Pikes Peak version for me seems to have some of the loudest/most noticable (what I believe are) turbo sounds of all the cars in-game. It even seems to do the "chatter"/chirping-(at least a somewhat similar)-kind-of sound somewhat regularly when backing off the throttle - if you listen closely, you can also hear it faintly when watching the replay, even when the "camera" is located on the side of the track in corners.
But it still doesn't seem nowhere near as loud and frequent as in most videos (but maybe my driving is simply too horrible for it to trigger it in such a fashion though).
I guess the icing on the cake would be the audio-slider-solution for car sounds some of you suggested, as it would enable everyone to "mix" the sounds to his liking, but I reckon it's too late for it to make it into Dirt 4 (no idea how hard it would be to implement it as well).
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You know that question, if you had to make a choice of going deaf or blind which would you choose?

I think I would actually take loosing my sight.  My first rally I can only remember the sound REALLY well.  The sound is what anchored the emotion of the event in my mind.  I like aviation as well, and the sound of a Spitfire, B17, or a F22 starting up (they howl a bit) is what drives me to these events.  

Not to stray off topic, but I said once: you can have rather crappy graphics, but if the sounds are awesome you mind will fill in a lot of the experience, maybe not realizing it.  Just think of any of the WRC games, ignoring the physics, many times the sounds are hard to ignore.  It somewhat ruins the experience.  Think Starwars as a silent movie?  

So..... even if exaggerated a bit, ALS, turbo flutter and backfire should be turned up a bit... give these sounds emotion.  They shouldn't be mechanically inserted just to check off a list.  EVERY other part of the sounds are great, this is just lacking a little.  
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That's probably unique to every individual. With gaming, i can certainly find sound hugely immersive, especially with racing games. For instance, the great sounds in DR is what makes it difficult for me to pick up RBR and enjoy it as much as before. Likewise, for my circuit fix I slightly prefer Raceroom (R3E) to its rivals and I can only put that down to the sound (and superb AI). Assetto Corsa's improvements in this area are part of what allowed me to start enjoying it too (as well as AI improvements, again).
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I hope you can forgive me for viciously raising my own thread from the grave. It's just that I may have watched the latest videos on Dirt 4 way too many times - especially the PS Access one (link in spoiler), being the most recent video that features the game's (Alpha stage's) "pure" sound - and got reminded of this thread again as it somewhat touches on D4 audio as well.
Having no real clue on what makes good audio/sound design, I only dare to claim that I feel like the sounds seem to be at the very least on par with D:R (in a positive way).
But, I clumsily tried to focus on possible turbo flutter/chirping during my many views ... and I'm not sure what to think about it.
Let's take the Ford Focus RS RX as an example, a car that, from videos I watched, seems to chirp quite happily when lifting off the throttle (if that's not the "trigger" (in a broad sense) of the sound, please show me the errors of my way (again) :) ).
But on D4, it doesn't quite seem as "chirpy"...I think. On the PS: Access video, the only times the Focus does kind of chirp (not even sure if it's the sound of turbo flutter) is when downshifting (example). It doesn't seem to chirp nowhere near as often and loud (?) as I perceived it watching the RL-vid.
It's a similar story with the Fiesta R5, with the chirping-kind-of-sounds mostly "tied" (as I would call it) to downshifts (example).

So here I am again, confused. Is it perhaps a case of the engine/turbo not simulated/programmed in a way to allow the chirping (when you lift off) to be "reliably" produced in-game? Looking through the forum I stumbled over a post by @cmsoundfx from late 2015 in another thread on D:R's sound, writing:
cmsoundfx said:

Woifeh said:

Well, the updated sound for the Evo is much better than the old one, but the Anti-Lag-System is still not banging when slowing down, approaching a corner. When I'm playing with the throttle in engine idle, the ALS sounds quite well, but in normal rallying it's simply inaudible!

That's because it's using a system that was never designed to play as ALS. It currently requires you to be completely off throttle before it kicks in. The whole system needs reworking and I can't see that happening any time soon.
Again, I don't know *anything* about cars really, but could this also "explain"/touch on the subject of turbo flutter aka "not enough chirping" as well?

However, then there's this situation in the Fiesta R5. No downshift, but still a little bit of chirping while the driver seems to lift the throttle.
So is it just a case of WIP/Alpha in case of the Focus RS RX?

Again, if my whole "argument" is based upon me not having any idea what I'm talking about car- and/or "programming"-wise, feel free to let me know and I'll bury myself and this thread again.
And I really hope I'm not coming across as a know-it-all. I'm just a dude who has watched some rally/worldrx videos, played a bit D:R and wondered why the "chirping" often seems quite loud in videos, but (from my experience) does not appear in a similar way in D:R.

Boy, oh boy, I'm rambling pretty hard here (again). Probably making an absolute fool of myself. :#
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