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SWOS World Cup / Sensible Days 2017

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Sensible Days 2017 - Budapest (Csillebérc), Hungary
July 29/30


It’s time to officially announce the biggest, most sensible event of 2017, Sensible Days!
This year the 14th annual Sensible Soccer World Championships will take place in Csillebérc (Budapest) in Hungary.
The hungarian organization team is proud to be the 6th country selected to host the Days.
Be prepared for a great tournament, lots of old and new SWOS friends and lots of fun in the heart of Europe!

The location Csillebérci Szabadidő és Ifjúsági Központ is located 10 km from the city centre of Budapest and easily reachable with car or with public transportation.
There will be two main tournaments (PC DOS SWOS and Amiga SWOS) and one side tournament (Classic Sensible Soccer on Amiga).
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Please be aware, that the application deadline for this year's Sensible Days is the 31st of May 2017!
You don't have to pay until the deadline, but the application is needed, as we have to make an advance payment based on the number of future participants.
Therefore we kindly ask everyone, who wants to join (or considers to join) the event and hasn't applied yet, please do it as soon as possible.
You can do the application with a message on the forum or on sensibledays2017@gmail.com !

More infos:
Thank you for your cooperation.
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