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Ahh, so you're near from where @SynGamer used to live.

Just out of curiousity, can you see Buffalo from Toronto and vice versa?
Not really. On a clear day of you're near the lake close to Buffalo you can see Toronto.not vice versa though. Buffalo is a joke of a city. You can only see "downtown" from a mile prntwo out depending on the location.
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Hello everyone. Just thought I'd introduce myself. 

Trevor's my name, From Australia. I upload weekly highlights from my league races each week w/commentary.

Also love doing voice overs/impersonations as well. Add me on PSN @ kidbyers if you'd like to race online with me & have either David Croft or Murray Walker commentating on your online races over the mic :D

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I'm still just an old hippie living in the emotionally bankrupte, morally corrupt, and intellectually stunted land of my late Mother's family...Schuylkill County, Pa., USA, nestled within the coal mines and landfills of the Appalachians.  They drink badly brewed beer and watch Nascar here!
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