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How do leagues collect results?

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I am interested in running a league, but ideally we would race most days of the week. I may not always be able to attend the race, so i cannot collect every result. Even if i could make it to every race, then there may be issues, such as disconnections that could stop me collecting the results.

I am interested to know how leagues collect results - do you require drivers to send in screenshots of their results? do you give someone the responsibility of 'Results Collector'?

Thanks for any information.

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I'm an admin of the AFRL leagues (I administrate the ROW1 league).

Our league has an admin (me) and a commentator/ moderator present in all races . As the admin, I host the race and ensure my race is recorded plus I take a screenshot of the results at the end (plus race incidents). On top of this, our commentator will also be looking at the race results for the viewers so we have three screens to refer to if anything happens.

From there it's a case of entering the results into an Excel sheet which is shared with the racers of the league.

EDIT - If the commentator or I cannot attend the race, I would then ask another racer from the league to host the race and send me a screeshot of the results.

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