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Tales from the Grid (comedy series for Grid 1, Grid 2 and Autosport)

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Grid fans - 

Wanted to pass along links for my Grid comedy series Tales from the Grid, which spans Grid 1, 2 and now Autosport. I'll post new videos as they are added here. These date back to last year. I feel like the series finds its "voice" around episode 4.

Feedback always welcome, good or bad. Thanks much!


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TheHemps said:

I got to video 3 and noticed something........

Mirrors........6 years ago they manage it.

Yeah my one complaint about re adding cockpit is that Iooking right or left takes you out of cockpit (like the Forza series). Wish it just swivels your view like it did in Grid 1. 

Could get away with some good comedy using that before, less so now.

That said,  at least they added cockpit back in general.

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