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Split-Screen in F1 2017? Message to the game Devs.

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Hello Codies and the community. I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but after searching a bit this seemed like the best place to get in contact with the developers of the games we love so much.

Getting straight into it, here's the deal. My father, my uncle and I are big F1 enthusiasts and also big F1 Game enthusiasts... But ever since F1 games started being made for the PS4, we stopped having the ability of playing together in split screen. It was a tradition almost every night my dad and I did a couple of races, competing with each other and seeing who was the best, or even teaming up for some F1 Banter, and we had a lot of sweet moments I'll cherish for the rest of my life thanks to the games you work so hard on and thanks to the split screen feature you had implemented on your previous games. Sadly though, this is no longer a trend in your past two games, and since we've also moved on to the PS4 we stopped having these beautiful moments. We obviously can't afford two Playstations and buying two copies of the F1 game to play together like we used to. And I know F1 2015 or 2016 won't have this implemented. But I always have that grain of hope that will never die, that you will implement this in your next F1 game so I can get back to do one of the things I loved the most.

Now getting to the technical part of it, I know that it's not an easy feature to implement. I know there's a lot of issues with it and you can't just slap it on. And I suspect one of the biggest things preventing you from implementing it is the performance factor. With the current consoles and rise of PC gaming, people demand always at least 1080p 60fps gaming. And I understand that with such a complex, beautiful and resource eating game like the F1 games are, you work the hardest to live up to the expectation of the people who demand that. I understand and most of all, respect that. A lot.
But as for split screen, we (not just me and my father, but a huge part of the F1 community who also wants this implemented because you know that my story is far from unique) honestly do not mind if you would lower not only the graphics, both in resolution (that's a given) and graphical settings such as Anti Aliasing, shadows, effects, particles and so on and so on, but we would also not mind to play split screen mode in 30fps instead of 60fps...

That being said, Codies, if there was any way whatsoever to make this happen, know you would make me a much happier young man, but you would also have a much happier (and bigger) F1 community.  You would also have my first preorder ever for any game in my life. Split-Screen is a trend that has been dying and I think we shouldn't let it die, and for that we need the big guys like you to show that it's still possible, and the people will greatly appreciate it.
And with that I conclude my long text, sorry some of you will have to read it's entirety, but it's been a long time since I've been wanting to put this out. You have every right to disagree and contest what I've said, so if you think I'm wrong on any matter please do express your feelings/arguments in the comments :smile: And as for the F1 players, the same applies, I would like to hear your opinion on this!

Above all, much love for you all. Peace.
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