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Well, I am not blaming Codies...

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I know that Devs of Codies are hardworking for their products, and its are good... but for F1 2016 mobile... it's like a beta testing...
for example, the Facebook sharing is not working on my iphone 7 and the haptic feedback is causing Lags... so i have to turn it off.
And The AIs are still problematic, although it has been improved since last update.
They are trolling in front of me or nearby, and it's really difficult to avoid collision and front wing damage..
Also where is Weather effects-Wet weather, etc. and no wet tyre, intermediate tyre, and dynamic pit in/out and Track/Racer position introduction like PC/Console version?
At least there should had been an option for us to choose Simulation Play and Arcade play. 
Well, i can't deny that this is great game for mobile but i need to think twice before buy F1 2017 mobile, since F1 2016 rolled out with imperfect aspects... 
And i'd like to know what the other F1 2016 mobile players thinking about this.

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