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RGL Season 2 league sign up!-Tier 1: Saturday 9 PM gmt-Tier 2: Sunday 7.30 PM gmt!-Starts:13-05-2017

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Hello, we are recruiting clean drivers to RGL. RGL is an Formula 1 league. We started 03-12-2016 and we are driving on the Xbox one. We had great feedback on all our races and we are expecting al lot more to come. Our drivers are ferry clean and most likely really exciting. We are currently running one tier with a full season, and we are starting a tier 2 with pre-season races untill the end of season 1 of RGL. When season one ends the stewards will decide who belongs in what tier. So the leagues becomes even more competetive.

Watch our German Grand-Prix stream highlights:

Who are we?
We are a Formula 1 league and trying to make the best possible experiens for our drivers. So it feels like your a real Formula 1 driver. How do we do that? We are streaming every races with two commentators. Before and after the race 3 people will be invited to a press conference in a party.

How do you join this league?
You can sign up on our website on the Contact/Sign up section. Make an account. Make sure your gamertag is written correctly otherwise we would not be able to get in contact with you. You can also put your twitter down there so you can be in our twitter chat. When you don't got twitter you will ask you if you want to be added in the Xbox live chat. Keep in mind that there is a mute button it's just so we don't have to inform everyone private.

Sign up

  • Go with your mouse to contact/sign up.
  • Press on site registration.
  • Now fill in all requiert spaces.
  • Make sure to tell us if you can make the saturday or/ and sunday
  • Make sure your gamertag is written correctly
  • Press sign up and your done. We will contact you as soon as possible.

What do we expect from you?

We are expecting that you will be there most races. Even when you are placed as a reserve. The more you will come the faster you will be a full time driver. When you are a full time driver, you can't miss 3 races in a row. If you do so please tell the stewards with a good reason. When you missed 3 races you will be placed down as a reserve. We also expect that you are known with our rules that you can read on our website.

What teams are avaible?

We are currently making a new line-up for season 2. If you join in time and take part in some of our sunday pre season races we can decide in what tier you belong.R

Social media:

Big thank you for taking your time and looking into our league. We Hope to see you on the grid!

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