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Is F1 2011 for the PS Vita any good?

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Currently the Vita version of F1 2011 is currently on sale at the Playstation Store for £3.99. (Well 3.60 because I have Plus)

Since codemasters seems to have no plans for a future vita version for F1, I'm just wondering what people thought of the game, and is it worth buying for the price?

Thanks in Advance

- Crashb648

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I thought I'd wait until F1 2013 was cheap as chips before buying just for the classic content but seeing how crap it was on youtube, I wasn't tempted to even part with £2.99 for a copy of the game. There was no structure to racing them and were just a cheapy bolt-on. F1 2011 on the vita is absolutely horrible to control so I can't recommend you part with even £3.99. You can't get a refund on PSN either so your stuck with it if you don't like it. It's shite mate so don't bother.

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Its probably the worst F1 game I have ever played. I got it for a similar price and still found it to not be worth that amount. The handling is horrible, it looks like shit and the actual simulation of the F1 season is laughable because the devs seemingly got Lotus and Caterham mixed up so Trulli ends up 5th or higher most races. Not worth it.

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