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2017 Bahrain Grand Prix


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Hughesy said:

@Jiggy And the man himself liked my tweet :D

Great race, stupid penalty. I said Ferrari would be quick, without the penalty it would have been a much more exciting end. Bottas was awful. 

Yeah, he's quite friendly online, he responds to fans and likes their tweets a lot.

As for Hamilton, I hate it tbh. He doesn't deserve that. I get that it's because he wins so many times that people just are tired of it, but still it's unfair on him when he tries his hardest to be as non-controversial as possible. Oh well, nature of the beast I guess.

My top drivers today:
Vettel - race winner
Massa - competed with Ricciardo and Raikkonen for a while and was well ahead of the rest of the pack
Wehrlein - Seemed to drop a bit in the race, but came back and finished 11th. Good comeback race, needed a good weekend and I think he got one.

My not-so-top drivers today:
Bottas - Race pace was a major disappointment. Couldn't keep up to the elite in Vettel and Hamilton when it was crunch time. That's the difference between very good drivers and legendary drivers. At least he kept a place on the podium, but he will not be happy with this race at all.
Kvyat - Started with a possibility to get points, ended up being nowhere near the top-10, made silly mistakes, not the kind of drive you'd want with Pierre Gasly standing by to take over the seat of whoever is fucking up.
Sainz - He eliminated himself through a stupid move on Stroll, who has suffered with some bad luck in two consecutive races now.

Screw it, I'm rating the entire field. I'm bored and basketball is full of time-outs.

Hamilton: 8,0. An unnecessary penalty and a bad start ruined a potential win.
Bottas: 5,5. First pole under way, but got shown up by the big boys at race day.

Red Bull:
Ricciardo: 5,5. Bleak race. Dropped back several times and had to fight with lesser drivers in lesser cars to eventually be best of the rest behind Ferrari and Mercedes.
Verstappen: 5. Barely had a race. Seemingly had good pace at the start, but a break failure ended chances at whatever his result could've been.

Vettel: 9. I don't think he ever overtook someone, but crunch laps meant he leapfrogged Bottas and left him and Hamilton in the dust before the latter had the room to counter.
Raikkonen: 5,5. Didn't finish below anyone he shouldn't be finishing lower than, but that says it all. Stuck behind Massa twice while Vettel has his groove back won't look good on him. And with Leclerc starting well in GP2 and Grosjean being in excellent form for several seasons now... Meh, as if they're going to get rid of him.

Massa: 8,5. Probably low-key one of the better drives in Massa's Williams-stint. Was able to seperate himself from the chasing pack and was able to do battle with a Ferrari and a Red Bull. That will please him and the Williams-team.
Stroll: 5. Well, it's not his fault, but when you're out of luck, the incidents will keep piling up on you in autosport. And that is what happened with Stroll again. Eliminated from the race early through no fault of his own, the young Canadian will be cursing his luck indeed.

Hulkenberg: 6. He started from P7 and ended up being P9. Don't think that was the plan. In terms of race pace, Hulkenberg needs to step it up a bit.
Palmer: 4. At least Hulk got points. Palmer finished dead last, despite his top-10 starting spot. He probably had a fun race, battling with Ericsson, Kvyat and Alonso for most of it, but he also did that well away from the top-10.

Toro Rosso:
Sainz: 3. Ruined his race with a stupid crash.
Kvyat: 3,5. Ruined his race with a stupid spin and overall was well off the pace.

Force India:
Perez: 6,5. Showed his excellent race pace by moving up yet again.
Ocon: 6,5. A comfortable 10th place after starting 14th, I think. A good start to life at Force India for Ocon and he's not that far off from Perez too.

Grosjean: 7. Needed the points after a bad start to the season. Showed good race pace. Not much happened in that group of Perez, Grosjean, Hulkenberg and Ocon.
Magnussen: 5. Bad day at the office. Someone should take a look at those Ferrari's, although Ferrari themselves won't as long as it keeps on happening at Haas and Sauber only.

McLaren: -5.
Alonso: 500. As in Indy 500. Can't come soon enough for him.
Vandoorne: Didn't even make it to the grid.

Ericsson: 5,5. Seemed like he could get somewhat of a good result, but dropped back in the second half of the race. You'd also say that his half-injured teammate outpacing him won't look good on him, but his Swedish...krona? will look good in the eyes of Sauber, so who gives a shit right?
Wehrlein: 8,5. Excellent showing from a guy who had to struggle to be fit enough to race and he did it in Bahrain. Giovinazzi impressed in Australia and didn't in China, but Wehrlein immediately getting the best showing in a Sauber gives out a strong message that if Sauber is going to achieve anything this season, it will go through him.
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Lewis has only himself to blame for his scrappy Q3 and blocking

Ricciardo. Bottas is too slow in the race, which means Lewis needs to

start infront of him and stay infront because Mercedes - contrary to

Ferrari - are not willing to react quickly enough when it matters in

regards to switching places.

Ferrari are ruthless in how they treat their slower driver, Mercedes

will have to be ruthless aswell if needed. Otherwise, they're not going

to win this. Ferrari and Vettel looking absolutely on it. Mercedes being

absolutely dreadful when it comes to thinking on their feet is another


I wouldn't worry mate, Ferrari getting their strategy right is quite rare. Today their random strategy generator rolled in their favour. 

I still think Hamilton will take this title, I just don't have any confidence in Ferrari to develop the car over the season and deliver race in, race out with the important calls.
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