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LMA Manager

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LMA Manager the most addictive game I have ever played.  I  know so many people who have said why have they not made any newer LMA games?? The one downside to the LMA games was the loading times and how long it took to complete a season, now with new consoles this loading speeds could be avoided.  The other problem with the older LMA's was the fact that the game did not update which they solved with the x-box version of LMA 2007 online, but with the older LMA's after 3 seasons you got bored especially if you started in a higher league and won everything!

  I have come up with an LMA manager game which would solve all these problems and would be amazing for us real LMA fans that miss the old game! I would call this game ULTIMATE LMA! In ultimate LMA! None of the graphics or set up is changed from 2005. The speed of loading the only thing to be changed. But what makes it ultimate is you can start the game from the year 2000, the original LMA or any year after! If you start from 2000 the players available at that time will be of the rating they were at from that game and will increase or decrease depending how well they have played! And each year any new players that where added in the next games released will also be added! So could start in 2000 and have Zidane and Batistuta etc. And play untill 2017 and finish with Messi, Ronaldo, Griezman etc. Would be amazing!!  Plus this would stop you getting bored and having to start a new league.  And the new players added would be added to team they came from or players who came through the youth academy's would be available in your youth team and it is up to you to bring them up to the main team or not! This would be incredible and if it was made I would be the first person in the queue to buy it!!!! 10 years since last LMA was released!!!

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