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[DiRT 4 Question] Differences between Xbox One and PS4 versions?


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Hello everyone.

Following the success of DiRT Rally and my own positive experiences with the game I am eagerly awaiting the release of DiRT 4.
In between last year's release and this one I have picked up a PlayStation 4 (Pro), which means I now have to choose which platform I play DiRT 4 on.

To help me make the decision that would be best for me, could somebody from Codemasters or the community answer these short questions please?

  • Will the Xbox One version make use of the Xbox One controller's "haptic triggers" feature?
  • With the exception of VR integration, are there any notable benefits to people playing on PlayStation 4 Pro compared to regular PlayStation 4 users (resolution, frame rate, HDR etc.)?

Thanks again, and best of luck with the launch of the game.

Kind regards,
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