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Some questions to thoose, who already own GAS.

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I've got few questions to those, who already own a copy of GAS.

I've already read here, that DLC cars cannot be used in career mode, but can they be used in custom cup mode? And do they have some liveries (like those from career) or are they only "just blue" or "just silver" in Custom Cup, where you can't make your own team with your own colors? It would brake the immersion really, if they were only painted as standard road cars :confused:

Secondly: can you use all career liveries in custom cup vs AI?

3.: Are there restriction in custom cup vs AI to discipline&car/track combinations? For example can you make some Endurance discipline races on city tracks?

Last one: is turning off all demege making tires stop wearing off in endurance or is this mechanic persistent? I'm afraid that this whole discipline is unfunny atleast because of that from what I read.

Cheers guys, have a nice day ;)

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I don't know for you first question, as I didn't buy any DLC yet.

If a team uses the car you want to drive, you can choose their livery.

You can play with any car on any track, but I'm not sure about endurance races. You can drive endurance cars in normal races though.

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Badi23 said:

...is turning off all demege making tires stop wearing off in endurance or is this mechanic persistent?...

I think tire wear is determined by the Event Type. There's an Event Type for Endurance & an Event Type for Race (among other Event Types, like Drift & Demolition Derby)... I think if you setup a custom cup & set the Event Type to Endurance, then tire wear is enabled, but if you set the Event Type to Race, then tire wear does not occur.

(I haven't played the game since my save got corrupt, so this is just from memory & it may not be 100% perfectly accurate.)

If you do not yet own Grid AutoSport, I highly recommend waiting to buy it until more patches are released to address the game's numerous major technical issues. Otherwise, you're inviting a lot of disappointment & frustration.

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