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Percentages Tell A Tale

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Hello Drivers!

Each week I drive the RaceNet challeges, I can roughly estimate how many people are playing them.  It's not rocket science.

As the days go by, my times will be top 3%.  I'll play on a Monday to boost it towards 1% --- heck, I can't get number one -- best I've been is 3rd.  Kudos to the Xbox drivers.  You know who you are.

Anyway, to my tale.....each week I log the times and such....and there's a stat which glares at me.  It's getting lower each week.

It takes me a little more effort to get that top 1% each week -  a gradual process, but it's there.

By default, to get that top 1% means there's less people playing.

I really enjoy the Grid series....but it's quick becoming a throw-away gaming brand.

Rant over.

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I'm guessing that the only people currently playing Grid AutoSport (on consoles) are those who either have not yet been bitten by the game's widespread corrupt save issue, or those who decided to start over from scratch (maybe even multiple times) after having their saves corrupted.

I stopped playing when my save got corrupted. I decided there's no point in accumulating XP, credits, & cars when it can all just randomly disappear at any time.

I'd like to complete the single-player career, but that can't happen when the game corrupts my progress.

I'd like to upgrade, tune, paint, & race some cars in my online garage, but that can't happen when the game corrupts my cars & progress.

The corrupt save defect has basically turned Grid AutoSport into the coin-op arcade games of old where you start over from the very beginning 
with nothing every time you play it.

If a patch is ever released that truly fixes the corrupt save defect on consoles, I hope to play Grid AutoSport again. Until then, I don't want to invest the time in playing a game that has a such a high likelihood of involuntarily putting me back at square one at any moment.

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^^ Excellent post that sums up the way I feel too. Feels like every hour spent grinding on GAS is

a) Unrewarding due to the pitiful XP awards
b) Unrewarding due to the "feature" that doesnt allow me to tune cars in career mode
c) Unrewarding due to the fact that in certain classes and disciplines, the AI drive concrete tanks that prefer to drive through the opposition rather than around them.
d) Unrewarding due to the seemingly very high likelihood that all this grind with little reward is going to bite me when the save game corrupts.

The whole GAS experience has left me feeling a bit hollow to be honest. A shame, because it's obvious there is a good game waiting to get out of this mess.

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@flowaangelz.... Ppl like you are the reason why companies get away with selling substandard products in the first place.  You obviously have low standards.

What about the ppl who have put hours into career and then lost all their progress because they dared to go play online?


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Don't think of them as damages, it's moreso wear and tear, just like driving an owned car with several hundred miles cleanly and still having 20% wear. It's still unfair, yes, but it's the maintenance that needs to be (and I believe IS going to be) fixed. 
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