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NSR recruitment

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You seem to like it. I mean, whenever someone touches your car, your response is to plow them into a wall. You would be very good at DD.

LOL, Thats just not true.  

Most of the time, im sporting a white marker.  Racing cleanly, and fairly.  

Contact happens, sometimes it cannot be avoided.  Accidental contact, I dont mind.  But when someone deliberately uses me, or takes me out,  thats when the problems begin.  

The majority of the footage you have seen, is my response to such idiots.  

Thankfully, these idiots are a minority.  

DD might be more appealing if I could use any car I want, and had full damage like in Grid 1, and didnt have flashbacks.  

Cat n mouse would be more fun.   But honestly I prefer racing clean. 

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Tbf, in your video that guy may have made the wrong move by accident. He saw you take the racing line which opens up the door for a dive bomb. You should give people benefit of the doubt. If someone hits me but doesnt make me crash, then I'll just take it as an accident. If they keep doing it, then I'll retaliate. If someone makes me crash, I'll wait till the end for an apology, if that apology doesnt come, I'll vote to kick. Then I'll pay attention to them. If they try hitting me again or people around me, I'll make his life hell or my teammates will
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Ha yea, if 1 person is being a ass then I dont mind being a bit dirty taking them out. I wont just smash them off the track.... I will wait behind him until there is a wall on the exit of the corner go down the inside and gently leave them no space on the outside, its a car killer, steering damage, engine damage and they probs finish last or just retire and I wont go down on my white status either. Its a win-win :D 

  And you can't join! 

btw I dont wanna join anyways bro, you guys are too "exclusive" for me. lol :wink: 

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