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so this week's cheat is....

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just delete ur damn save file from ur ps3, u still using it.

u admited to sharing your save file with your friend who then had to hack it to use. he then used it on 2 accs. u knew the save file had 8.5 milion xp on it THAT U DIDNT EARN.

u continued to use the so called glitch for several days even when u knew it was happening, u jumped 5 mill 1 day and the 1 mill on 3 consecutive days. and then 1 mill evey 2 days until u had a total of 11 million xp. At this point u knew nobody would catch u so u starting playing normally. SO U KNEW EXACTLY WHAT U WAS DOING.

also, if it is a glitch, NOBODY has recreated or copied it except YOUR FRIEND WHO IS USING UR SAVE FILE.

Funny how he has managed to use this 'glitch' also.

i think i know what happend. U hacked ur game save, found a way to hack xp payout, used it sent ur save file to ur friend and showed off saying look what i did.

i know u have the skills as u have already told me that u work in internet security, breaking systems to find vulnerabilities.  ie hacking. So a save file would be no problem.

also if u had already reported this to @Loore he would no doubt have commented on 1 of my many posts backing u up. @justbiglee

if u dont care about pos on leaderboard then DELETE UR SAVE FILE, and tell Sod to DELETE HIS also, (BOTH OF THEM)

i just want my rightful place. i never been no1 before and u have HACKED IT away from me.

now your talking and acting exactly like a CHEATING HACKER would.

Trust me, after this post, i will name and shame u every opportunity i get.

i never went after a high leaderboard pos. it came around quite by accident as i just race and have fun with friends, but now that i have EARNT the no1 pos legit i want it and your HACKING ways have stolen it.

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