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What are Your Top 5 Rally Cars?


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Are you leaving hints @justbiglee?

Well, here is my top

1º All Kit-Car 2,0L
2º All Kit-Car 1,6L and S1600
3º All Group B 
4º All WRC 

5º All Group 4

More seriously

1º Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2 with the "illegal" body kit from Tour de Course (not the fastest or the powerfull Gr.B, but the best one for sure)

2º Porsche 924 Carrera GT Group 4 from Walter Rohl (The boss colours in that car look stunning)
3º Renault Clio Maxi (a guy named Jean Ragnotti helped in this one)
4º Peugeot 206 WRC Evo 1 (The car that got me into rallying)
5º Proton Satria Neo S2000 (MEM didn't do a fast or reliable car, but it was pretty cool)

This is a top five, but I really like a bunch of other cars, even if I tend to go with the underdogs! For example, I didn't quite like the Gr.A era of rallying, but apart for the 555 Subarus, I really like the Mazda 323 GTR and the Nissan Sunny GTi-R. Same for the S1600 with the Opel Corsa and the Ford Fiesta, or more recently with the S2000 cars. Fiesta, Skoda and 207 are fast, but the Opel, Proton and MG are the ones that I like and cheer for!

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Well, here is my top

1º All Kit-Car 2,0L
2º All Kit-Car 1,6L and S1600
3º All Group B 
4º All WRC 

5º All Group 4

Have to agree with this:

But if i have to select a couple of cars:

1. The Mitsubishi Lancer WRC05

An amazing unique World Rally Car, that has been very successful after the WRC campaign, the car has been developed by MML sport and has proved to be a winner car in many national rallies!

2. The Peugeot 206 WRC

Beside the WRC, also the Peugeot 206 RC, Peugeot 206 S1600 and Peugeot 206 MAXI ( or in France F2000) cars where really amazing, I think its not just the WRC cars thats amazing but just this amazing car!

3. The Renault Clio MAXI ( all 3 generations)

The Renault Clio kitcar from the 90's

The Renault Clio S1600 MAXI

The Renault Clio R3 MAXI

4. The Citroen Xcara WRC

5. The Ford Focus WRC ( All generations)

But as i said before, so many beautiful and good WRC cars are build,... i cant make a list of just 5 cars, for example i do miss now many S2000 cars like the Peugeot 207 S2000, or the Citroen C4 WRC, or the Ford Fiesta WRC etc etc etc.... they are all amazing....

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In no particular order (because that's too hard :smile:):

1)Mitsubishi Evo WRC 2005

2) Focus WRC 2005

3) Peugeot 208 T16 R5

4) Escort MkII (Obviously)

5) Seat Cordoba WRC

Honourable mentions go to the Lancia Stratos and all the various Deltas

(I would have posted pictures but it doesn't seem to work on iPad)

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Oooooh, good topic @justbiglee‌! But putting top 5 rally and rallycross car in one list?  I can't do it, the choice is too difficult! so I'm going to be greedy and do a top 5 rally car and top 5 rallycross car list... just because.  :D

Top 5 Rally Cars:
(Roughly in order!)

1. 1997 Impreza S4 WRC (preferably in Colin McRae's livery and tarmac spec).

2. Audi quattro S1 (preferably in Walter Rohrl or Stig Blomqvist's livery).

3. 1995 Subaru Impreza Group A (preferably in Colin McRae's livery and tarmac spec).

4. 2005 Subaru Impreza S11 WRC (preferably in Petter Solberg's livery and tarmac spec).

5. 1981 Ford Escort Mk.2  RS1800 (preferably in Ari Vatanen's livery).

Top 5 Rallycross Cars:

(Again roughly in order!)

1. Martin Schanche's Ford RS200E

2. Petter Solberg's Citroen DS3 4x4 T16 (2013 livery):

3. Ken Block Ford Fiesta Mk.7 4x4 T16 (HFHV) (2012 Livery). (I like the Mk.6, Mk.7 and Mk.8 Fiesta in pretty much all its rallycross forms though!)

4. Will Gollop's Metro 6R4:

5. Martin Schanche's Gartrac Escort Mk.3 4x4 T16 

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Just like the title says which are your top 5 rally cars - I'll include in that Rallycross and Pikes Peak ones too if you like

My top 5 are 
Colin's Scooby

Loeb's 208 T16


Doran's DS3

The Tunnocks Rally Team R5 Fiesta

I'm guessing all of these are going to be in the next game @justbiglee‌ ? Seat Cordoba and Toyota Corolla please? I'll pay £30 just to drive those cars in DiRT 4...

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I would say every single car that raced in the 80s and 90s. But here's my top five. 

- Peugeot 306 Maxi. (fastest car I've ever seen here on the rally Catalunya Costa Brava tarmac stages)

- Lancia Delta (from S4 to Integrale)

- Toyota Celica  (preferably with a Carlos Sainz livery)

- Any Subaru before 2001 (the Impreza Gr.A from 95 is the best one IMO)

-  Renault 5 Maxi Turbo

Hope to see all of  those cars in next Dirt game! :smiley: 

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pupazzo said:

2 - Subaru Impreza S12B WRC '07

OFF TOPIC: I love this photo, it was taken on the Sunday of the Festival of Speed in 2007. Chris Atkinson drove the car on the Sunday, but Colin McRae had driven the same car on the Saturday. 

Quite late on the Saturday my girlfriend and I were stood behind the fence on the outside of this corner and, although there was a bit of spray from the other cars on the stage, nothing was getting near us. 

Colin then came round the corner, way faster than anyone else, riding the bank on the outside of the corner and spraying mud, rocks and various bits of greenery all over the place. Needless to say myself and the missus got absolutely pelted (which we thought was hilarious). There was another couple standing beside us who didn't seem to find it quite so amusing though: they immediately stomped over to the nearest marshall and started bending his ear.

When we went back onto the rally stage on the Sunday the fencing on that corner had been moved back about 10 feet (and it has remained there ever since). I have spectated on the same corner ever year I've been back to the Festival of Speed, but never seen anyone else come round there with as much commitment as McRae.

Although this picture isn't of McRae, the corner and spray always reminds me of that weekend! (Sorry for the off topic!)

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Sorry but i'm not into all this fancy modern stuff, I went through the golden era of Rallying in the 70's and early 80's so here's my top cars.

RS 1800 Mk2 in Mikkolas Eaton Yale livery, Vatanens Rothmans livery and Roger Clarks Cossack livery.

Chevette HSR.  McCrae's DTV Castrol livery.

Triumph TR8 in Tony Pond's works or BA colours.

Sunbeam Lotus in Henri Toivonens Shell / Talbot works  colours & Russel Brookes Andrews Heat for Hire livery.

Early Audi Quattro in Michelle Moutons Audi Sport livery.

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