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DiRT Rally Championship


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Hi justbiglee

Monte carlo has 3 Kingstages make a rally with all 3 and diferent cars. We hadnt in the last Stages 70s 80s and 2000s so . . . . . :)

My Favorite of all time :

Monte Carlo

Stage : Col st roch

Car : Open ( Mk2)

regrards from mike (yar72) in Germany to all D3 players exept the fucking-Cheaters

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Right so as you know season 1 of the DRC officially closes tomorrow. 

However, I've been thinking about thinking about what we could do with it going forward. 

Would you like another season after a break? Maybe on DiRT 2? 

Do you want to just leave it at that?

Or... would you like me to hand off the reigns to one of you, let you run it, pick the stages, change the rules? 

If so is anybody up to the challenge of running the DRC? We could maybe make it a temporary postion and pick a new chairperson every few weeks. 

Let me know what you think. 
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I'd definitely want another season, but I think it would be best to let you control it, if you want to :) 

DiRT 2 would be awesome, more variation, and people that don't have it can buy Steam keys for around $2 or $3 dollars in several keyshops anyways.

A break of 2 weeks or so would be fine with me, I unfortunately haven't been able to find any time to run in the bonus round as well because of my study. But when I've got time again in a couple of weeks I'll put in some runs anyway just to see where I would have finished.

Have fun in LA and I'm looking forward to everything that's gonna happen the next few days :)

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I'd opt for multiplayer rallyx championship as a break from TT. It might've be harder to organize  (quali, runs) but maybe we could check if anyone wants it? I'm quite tired of running the same stage couple of hours in a row in time trials in order to get a good time...Rallyx could be fun.

Break is surely needed. I have projects and finals all way long till the end of this month so even if I wanted I could not participate :|

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Okey folks, I've been waiting for some kind of sum up with general results but I guess we won't have one so just a word from me on the end:

I'm a really rookie in Dirt3, played less than 50 hours before championship (but around 1000h in other racing/rally games) so when @Dave (North3rnstar) invited me to his team I wanted to refuse to not slow him down haha Thank you Dave for this invite and good job, 1st in Team Standings, who would think, huh?

When seeing my times aren't that bad after first round I pushed harder as I saw an opportunity to jump to top 3. As far as I'm concerned, now in overall Single-driver standings I'm 2nd and that's something I hadn't have expected in the beginning. 

It was sometimes quite a good fight against @StuntmanMike but his skill and general experience was way beyond my level. Good job man, you won every stage, that's impressive. My congrats go also to @yar72, you were pushing really hard, that was most equal duel I've had in this event! Congratulations to every single on of you who have participated, the more people the better atmosphere :) 

And thank you Big Lee, I realize you are short of time so thanks for giving us this little you have and organizing this championship :)
I guess I should also say thank you to my sponsors... so,namely, my mom who provided me food without which I wouldn't make it hahha
Personally, I'm hoping to see a multiplayer championship  because Time Trial stages are fun only for couple of runs and then it's just  boring restart-restart-restart as you are trying to put a perfect lap together. And that can last hours.

And, see you guys in multi!
add me to gfwl so we could play together, nickname Vorrtz. I won't be around till the end of this month because I'm struggling with finals and projects and stuff but will be there soon :)
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Like Piotr(Vorrtz) i was hoping for some final standings also, But i believe i came in third in single player and first along with @Vorrtz in team standings

Like Piotr say`s well done everyone for a hard laborious task of restart restart restart and trying to whittle those times down but on a xbox pad thats nigh impossible to get there,

I have to say that the level of driving was exceptionally high (need to get a wheel) and that yar(mike) and piotrs times on leaderboard helped me enormously to acheive my times , I salute you guys :~}

Special thanks to BigLee, Pot Noodle, Stella artois and tennents lager along with some other driving aids.
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Personally I think the whole restart restart restart thing defeats to point of doing a rally championship. You don't see guys in the WRC getting do overs of their stages so why should we?

I did all my rounds with 1 recce run and one timed run and then just lived with that time. It does reflect in my times but I think it is more accurate to what a real world rally championship is like, and at the end of the day I just race for fun.

Even back when I used to race my Hillman Avenger in real life hillclimbs I would get maybe 4 or 5 runs over the whole day if I was lucky.
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Multiplayer championship would be amazing, but i think the problem is we are on 3 plattforms, very small groups of drivers every plattform :( but yes would be funn ! we need more drivers, lets make promotion for it :D
and thanks for the great fights we had, your trailblazer time on norway was very impresive and hard to beat and others too !
had little advantage, was playing alot of dirt3 years ago and found back pretty soon.

THX to lee and all drivers, it was a great event !!!
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Sooo, a couple of weeks have passed, GRID Autosport has been released, a lot of people have probably been playing it, and so have I. 

But I do feel it would be nice to have a break from all that on track racing and get a little DiRTy :D
I'd prefer doing this by a DiRT 2 Rally Championship :D

@justbiglee could you please organise one? :)
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