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Honda, where to next?


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I'm from the future, universe classification #12-F47-99364:

Honda created a engine more capable than the Renault and Mercedes and Ferrari got the strongest package on the grid, Kimi Räikkönen ends his career at the end of the 2018 season and Fernando Alonso is does the same at the end of the 2019 season due to not being able to fight for the WDC, RBR (now with the power of Honda since the start of the 2019 season just as their sister team STR who were onboard of Honda since 2018 already) and Ferrari (after their insane 2018 WDC win by Sebastian Vettel who barely trumped Lewis Hamilton by only 4 points) become the new dominant forces in F1 leaving behind Mercedes to become the clear third in the pecking order with Renault right behind of the Mercs by the end of the 2019 season.

2018 WDC Vettel, WCC Ferrari
2019 WDC Vettel, WCC Ferrari
2020 WDC Verstappen, WCC RBR
2021 WDC Ricciardo, WCC RBR

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Even better (or worse, depending on what you perceive to be your greatest wishes), you become the head of the FIA and are the new CEO of Liberty Media, your influence and connections give you the needed opportunities to drive whatever racing car you want on whatever track on the whole planet, also you are married to Adriana Lima and have 4 (ungrateful and spoiled) children in 2026, though the price to obtain this standard of living was a fierce one as you had to trade in your soul to a crossway demon in order to get your earthly desires become true, but the catch to this deal: You only have 10 years to live after signing it before the hellhounds come to feast.....

In the alternate world, a world where you sanely did not agree to this fancy demonic deal, you became a IT teacher at your local citys highschool, a hobby Karting and Touring racing driver, have married your big crush from college and live safely in a nice big house on the outskirts of your town getting all the way up to 97 years of age where you naturally leave your body behind in a soothing manner during the night in your sleep, continuing the absolute and neverending cycle of rebirth to become another newly born untainted canvas in a different universe on a different habitat.

Time is endless and so is the essence of your soul.


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