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Youtube Channels and Videos!

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I wanted to make this thread so we can see everyone's youtube channels!!!!

You can put in your Channel and also a few videos from your channel :D You can also give shout outs to other people :D

My channel name is Tylerrnty1. I started back in November 2013, which isn't that long ago, and I have uploaded a few videos on different topics :D  I have 28 subscribers right now and have been stuck there for a while due to barely posting videos the past couple of months, so here is my latest video I uploaded yesterday :)


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Hello fellow racers im the owner of Nebula Racing and i'd like to share with you our video highlights of season 2, season 3 and a special charity race to raise funds for National Deaf Children's Society NDCS is also coming soon. Im very proud of our league and wish to invite other drivers to, it is Clean online racing and you win prizes to.


website is also close to being finshed.

please search for us on Steam Nebula Racing League

www.nebularacing.com | www.twitter.com/nebularacing | www.facebook.com/nebularacingleague

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Neat videos people, 

From episode 2 its Grid 1/2 content ;D

More videos are planned and are in some sort of production.. just on a hiatus because the onslaught of studies haha.
(Codemasters should say for Grid to record replays, like 2GB is required for the replay files :P) 

I hope you enjoy! 

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Heres my youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/tillj005
Season 8 Racing league from my view: ICR RACING
Hot-Lap around monaco :
Also - Mid season review for last season:
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Hi all,

I just saw this thread so I thought I would put mine up, even though I don't do a lot of racing videos (at the moment). I usually play Cod, but have done a few Project Cars, Forza 5 crash monatges and F1 vids. Also, if you are interested, then please leave questions for a future Q&A, can be about anything. Cheers!


Name: shaybott

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