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PC graphics options


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Can anyone explain, in English ( LOL ) ,  what the following options actually do: 


Ambient Occulsion

Soft Ambient Occulsion

Ground Cover

Global illumination

Anisotropic Filtering

I highly doubt my graphics card is capable of using these settings,  but I just wondered what they do. 

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OK im no expert, but i'll do my best.

Particles: I think this just impacts the amount of particle effects, such as dust and sparks, and also how long they stay on screen for, and if they can collide with cars etc. Not sure how much performance impact this will have, but its nice to have, if not crucial.

Ambient Occlusion (AO): This adds some really nice soft shadows, that are not a result for direct lights (sun or other). As far as i know, this is usually quite FPS hungry, but if you have the power go for it, it really adds some depth.

Soft Ambient Occlusion: Probably just a more accurate and nicer looking version of the one above.

Ground Cover: Basically just grass (and foliage) a think, affects how far away it is from the player before it disappears. Nice looking affect, adds to realism.

Global Illumination: Not really sure of this one, maybe a quick google will help with this.

Anisotropic Filtering (AF): This should be turned up to max (16x usually) in just about every game, as it has very little performance impact, with a very noticeable improvement on textures when you view them at extreme angles. It'll make road lines nice and crisp at a distance.

Hope this helped, i'd recommend checking out this PCGamingWiki Port Report, it'll show most of these options and how they effect the visuals and performance.

Also, what GPU have you got? The chances are you can max out AF no problem, although the rest may need a bit of fiddling to get right. In my experience, all the EGO engine games run very well on pretty old weak hardware, so providing your not running low end mobile hardware, you should be fine.

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Processor is an  i5 - 4200M,   

with Intel HD 4600 graphics. 

Its a laptop,  

Im aware its no gaming PC,  but it beats the min requirements for Autosport.   It looks better than the Xbox, but I just wanted to see how good it can be while playing.  

Everying on Ultra high, looks awesome, as long as im stationary, LOL

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