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[PC] Corrupt Save File

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Hi Codemasters,

I played on GRID Autosport (on PC/Steam). My game is updated and I still have a problem with my savegame. The game says my savegame is corrupted. I tried to desactivate the Steam Cloud and play offline but it changed nothing.

I would like to get back my online progress ! I feel conned.


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Aug. 14, 2014:

Loore said:

Update on the console patches.

Microsoft found an issue late last night which resulted in corrupt saves (different method, same outcome). As such we've had to pull the patches or we'd be back at square one, we would have fixed one thing only for another to take its place. Despite the PlayStation patch passing we've also pulled it from submission due to the bug also being present in it.

We are currently in the process of creating a fix for this issue and the patches will once again go back into submission later today / tomorrow. We expect these patches to speed through the early stages of submission and pick up where they left off, as a result we're expecting them to go live by the end of next week.

Appreciate this isn't the news you want to see, and it's not the news you deserve to read, for that I can only apologise. Given the nature of the issues that were found the last thing we want to do was make matters worse. The issue at hand was incredibly difficult to spot (hence why neither us or Sony saw it) but we have no option other than to fix it.

This fix will also go into an upcoming PC patch which is currently being tested by our own QA team and will be released as soon as it has passed all internal checks.

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