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Day One - DiRT 4 v1.02 - Found a bug? Post it here!


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Xbox One
- low FPS
- water effects splash
- stage creator based on copy and paste sys
model very boring
- low graphics quality
- sim mode and all handling physics isn't sim mode looks like much more work was to create semi sim maybe 25 % but more in arcade game for a mass like VRally years ago
- not usable non playable truck rally, buggy for what in this game with a couple of stages and 2...3 cars nonsense
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Well done on a very entertaining game that just needs some tweaks.

You probably already know but, in Rallycross the spotter says you missed the entry, when you didn't. Then your told to double joker and when you do the spotter tells you off for taking a second joker. Maybe remove the entry penalty altogether?

Unnecessarily being told at the start of a stage that, you can upgrade your car, after you have fully upgraded it already, is frustrating.

Handling in sim mode could do with tuning too. The grip on the power feels too high, making power oversteer difficult to balance. Even in a Lancia Stratos. Grip seems loose enough under braking or decelerating and about right personally.

Look forward to the patches.
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Hi all,

Huge thank you for your feedback on this thread! We've released a patch today for PC and PS4, and the same patch is coming for Xbox ASAP - and it primarily addresses the stability issues you guys have raised.

I'll be locking this thread from this point onwards - but if you have any further feedback, please make sure it goes into the thread for the new patch here: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/53715/dirt-4-version-1-04-found-a-bug-post-it-here/p1?new=1 


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