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PSORC.com: F1 2014 League - Your PlayStation Online Racing Community

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So what is PSORC? (PlayStation Online Racing Championships) 

PSORC is a racing league for PS3/4 racers to compete with some of the finest gamers there are. Our friendly community allows for some great banter between fellow F1 fans, either when competing on the track or on discussing opinions on the forum. 

We have been in service for over two and a half years, and our old site had over 200 members by the time we moved to our new site, PSORC.com. Our league features a very friendly and welcoming community who have a massive passion for racing games and motorsports, so if you're a fanatic then why not join today. 

PSORC.com is proud to announce the introduction of the PSORC F1 Season 6 forum! 

Due to the lack of news about Formula 1 2015 and with it's release around the corner (in the next sort of 3 months) and of course season 5 coming to the end, we have to think for season 6. 

As the release of F1 2015 is different to any CM F1 titles, it means we cannot run the usual. October-March, April to September system. 

Quick Summary of changes. 

Full rules and regulations will be posted in between season 5 ending and the first race of season 6, same goes to calendar. 

Season 6

- Season 6 will be on Formula 1 2014 not 2015. 
- Season 6 will have a minimum of 5 races and a maximum of 19. (Depending on the F1 2015 release) and will run in the usual order (AUS-UAE) 

Season 7
- Once F1 2015 is out the racing on F1 2014 will STOP , if  F1 2015 comes out on a Friday (UK) the following race will still go ahead but racing will conclude after that event. 
- F1 2015 championship will start 2 weeks after the final F1 2014 event. 
- F1 Season 6 will feature ALL 2015 championship circuits/rounds.
- All drivers on F1 2015 must RECORD (Share button) and may have to show evidence to the stewards if asked, failure to do so, will be punished. 

Questions are always welcomed in the league discussion thread about F1 2015 

Driving Aids and Lobby Configuration:

Braking Assist: Banned
ABS: Allowed
Steering Assist: Banned
Traction Control: Allowed
Racing Line: Allowed
Gearbox: Allowed
Pit Assist: Banned

Starting Grid: Qualification Results
Race Distance: 50%
Safety Car: On
Car Assignment: Drivers Pre Selected Car
Weather: Dynamic
Rules and Flags: Corner-Cuts Only
Tyre Simulation: On
Fuel Simulation: On
Car Damage Simulation: Full
Car Performance: Equal
Collisions: Full
Parc Ferme: On

If you have any questions, please feel free to post below or contact me via the PSORC site linked below. 

Kind regards,

PSORC Founder

Site: PSORC.com

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We currently only have two full-time racing seats available, so act fast to get your seat ahead of next Wednesday's opener. 


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We are returning for F1 2014! Come and join us for a new season of F1!

A post detailing the new season in full will be made in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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Still plenty of seats available! We offer fun, clean wheel to wheel racing for the experienced racer right down to beginners!

Sign up now at http://playstationonlineracingchampionships.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/13041964-season-5-sign-up-thread

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Our final team is available to sign up for:

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I just joined this league, and have had my first  race with them. They are a really friendly group of players, and theres a great mix of abilities to get stuck into. If your available to race Wednesday nights (8pm GMT), I highly recommend you have a look at the site and give it a go!

Site Address: http://www.psorc.com/
Sign Up Thread: http://www.psorc.com/thread/12/f1-2014-season-sign-thread

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2nd race over and done with, and no plans to move!

PSORC is a really well organised F1 2014 league, with plans to move into F1 2015 and other next gen racing games such as ProjectCARS.
Currently 8 - 10 people are race active, and we have up to 5 open spaces.
Please give us a look at http://www.psorc.com/ - Anyone can sign up and I promise you, you'll be racing that same week!

Hope to see you soon reader :)

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Season 6 is now open for car selection! http://psorc.com/thread/43/f1-2014-season-sign-thread

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9 members on the racing track this week. Competitive, fun and can't wait for the next race already!

With only 5 races to go this season, we are preparing for Season 6 at PSORC.
For details and sign up please visit our site by using the following link:
(Full season rules & procedures to be released very shortly)

Also for an informal race about / practice with a few of our members, join us on F1 2014 Saturday afternoons (UK time - 2-5pm approx)
Add Cade444 on PSN and message for invite. This week we are getting to grips with Singapore!

Hope to meet you soon.

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Close battles back and front of the grid this week! Japan for me, has been the most exiciting race yet!
Want to join in on the fun? Still a few more races to go before the seaon ends. Come join us and try it out.
Busy schedule? We dont have compulsory practice nights, you can just turn up to the race and have a good time!

Also NEW SEASON starts 8th April, so please sing up now! (All abilities welcome)
See website for more details: PSORC.com
OR add Cade444 on PSN if you want to discuss anything or just want to race about!

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We have just finished a fantastically close championship here at PSORC, and we still have seats available for season 6 on F1 2014. We also have a sprint cup championship event taking place over easter, with details to be confirmed!

Sign up for season 6 at http://psorc.com/thread/43/f1-2014-season-sign-thread

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I have enjoyed playing in psorc.com so much in season 5.  We have great guys competing here and all abilities are welcome.  Some of the guys are blindingly fast and others like me (intermediate/pro)..  So come on in and let's see what you have in a friendly enviroment.   I am looking forward to another great season.  FYI.  The season start has been pushed back one week to April 15, 2015.   See you there!

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Season 6 has began! Very exciting times ahead; 12 registered racers, we had 11 on track this time out. Very competitive at the front of the grid, but just as close in the middle too.

We are going to have a fierce drivers championship on our hands, with 3 or 4 cars going for the title, and in the constructors race, there will battles for 1st/2nd position, and again 3rd/4th. So a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks leading to our finale in June (dependant on F1 2015 release).

We still have 4 available seats, open to anyone of any ability. Our 12 drivers are all very different, so you'll always find a close match in our league. We race every Wednesday evening, 8pm UK time. No scheduled practices session, so only the race to worry about!

Please visit www.PSORC.com for full details and to sign up.
Alternatively, message me on here or through PSN (username - Cade444) for any queries.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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