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Spectator, Comment, and official online mode ...

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Sorry for my bad english... 

It would be great if:

1)  We had the opportunity to have a real TV spectator mode

-You can't watch the race if there are 16 player in the game...

-In case of  online league race, you can't ad an officier in the race if there more than 16 pilots

- If you want to make a live comment on the race the TV view would be great too. 

-It would give us the opportunity to have our own real enginner

2) We had a real Official mode 

- In case of contact or else we can't give manually drive threw or penalty to a driver. (really great for a league)

-Launch the race etc.

These are just ideas. I think that the experience would be ultimate for who plays on league, and I believe that they're the real target . And I know that it already exist in other famous online F1 games.

Thank you


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..and in the "Official mode" the "officers" could watch a replay of a penalty incident and vote on whether to apply or reject the penalty - a draw being penalty stands. So instead of just dishing out a 10 sec pen its says "incident under investigation", then after voting confirms "no further action" or the penalty.

Don't think this will be in F1 2014 somehow.

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Would be nice if we got an official F1 game for starters.

The spectators mode would be a nice touch, but anything to do with league racing is a waste of resources. League racing is a tiny community for CM to cater for. 

I agree, CM needs to continue to work to their strength. Single player, offline with competitive & realistic AI. If I wanted online multi-player, I will go to iRacing.

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 I don't agree with the fact that the community from leagues is tiny for codemasters. You just have to look on the official site, there is a topic for it. All the members buy the new game. Play on it all year long, are real F1 fans, and have the best feedback for the developpers to improve the game. I think F1 from CM can be either casual (with the solo mode) and  serial gamers.

The spectator mode already exists on f1 2013 but it doesn't give us the opportunity to have a TV view. 

It would be an error to underestimate the number of league all over the world, which are commenting races live,  and racing for a championship and doing a big work all around the game. just have to look on you tube to find out.

And adding an officier mode would really improve the experience. I don't talk about fast races with stock car pilotes which destroy the pleasure. Leagues exists because of these dumb.

I would say to finish that if I wanted to play at Iracing I would have bought a PC for gamer, and not a ps3/ps4 and I would not have post a request on the future F1 games on a codemaster forum.

Multiplayer online is the future everybody knows that. (all the game have a multi mode) And with the ideas I have done on Top it would be a better multi experience. 

Don't say it would useless, because you won't use it. (no offence from me ;) )

and again sorry for my very bad english... :p 

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