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Dirt 4 DLC ideas


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bogani said:
Unfortunately, toyota cars cant be licensed for codemasters due to a dispute between them :(
Speculation or inside knowledge?
Kind of neither to be honest. I remember reading about it in an old old old thread but it makes sense.... why have the celica in DiRT 3 and then not in DiRT rally (even though they kept all the other Group A 90's cars.

However I am also speculating that they are having licensing issues with Skoda, I mean surely the Fabia R5 deserves to be in DiRT 4 and I cant see no issues with games like Seb Loeb/WRC having full rights to any Skoda cars so why have they not been put in the game
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More rally stages, open world style tracks like previous land rush tracks (get out of the stadiums), bring back hill climb. Why can't all the modes be incorporated instead of swapping land rush for hill climb and vice versa?
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Rally cross like the Japan and London tracks from  DiRT 2 and more Landrush maybe "your stage" version of both and the longer tracks like morocco and Utah tracks from DiRT 2 ....I loved DIRT 2. 4 has the potential to beat it just need more head to head racing those tracks are so much fun! 
Those longer, more open world landrush tracks were so much better than these stadium replacements. Much more fun and challenging
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DLC Rally Pack #1:
- 2 new rally locations: Monte Carlo, Finland.
- 2 new cars: Peugeot 206 2001, Citroen Xsara 2002, 
- 2 new liveries: Marlboro for the Lancer Evo VI, Martini/Telefonica for the Focus 2001.
PVP: 9,99€
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AIPacino said:
DLC Rally Pack #1:
- 2 new rally locations: Monte Carlo, Finland.
- 2 new cars: Peugeot 206 2001, Citroen Xsara 2002, 
- 2 new liveries: Marlboro for the Lancer Evo VI, Martini/Telefonica for the Focus 2001.
PVP: 9,99€
Generally nice idea, but they cannot add those liverys because, they would be "promoting" alcohol and smoking. And by the way, I would add Audi S1 EKS and Hockenheim RX
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Yeah well I'm not really inside the RX world so I'd rather not suggest stuff to it because I don't really know whats going on in there so i'll leave those to the RX fans.
It's a shame the liveries can't be added, at least they could like make the color scheme and design and replace the logo name with something else. Either that or allow players to mod liveries into the cars like in DR.

I only suggested that Rally Pack, but in case you noticed I left a number in there, meaning there would be more rally packs and other packs as well for RX etc. It would be better to sell these packs separated so that rally fans wouldn't need to buy RX content and RX fans wouldn' tneed to buy rally content. This would also be a way for Codemasters to see which discipline is having more interest.

They could keep releasing these packs like from 2 to 2 months or so, as long as it stays viable because this would be a way for the playerbase to keep supporting the game and its budget as well as adding new things to the game to keep the playerbase alive and growing.
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RX Pack:
- Barcelona & Hockenheim for RX (they could use F1 2016/17 map for it)
- Audi EKS S1 RX Supercar
- Austin Mini Cooper S Rallycross (from DiRT Rally)
- Peugeot 207 S1600 Rallycross car (from DiRT Rally)

Germany pack:
- Germany MyStage location with gravel-over-tarmac from DiRTFish and concrete from DiRT Rally
- Opel Corsa (R5)
- Volkswagen Polo (R5)
- Volkswagen Golf IV TDI (Kit Car)
- Porsche 911 S (H3)

Historical pack:
- Monaco MyStage location (tarmac/ice)
- Saab 96 (H1)
- Volvo PV544 (H1)
- Ford Cortina (H1)
- MG Midget (H1)
- Triumph Spitfire (H1)

Also what about the H2 FWD which one has one car (205 GTi). What's it even supposed to compete against?
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More rallycross tracks more rally locations. Hill climb and the cars that come with it 405 t16 audi Quattro etc. McRae r4 group b citroen bx4. Clio williams just more cars really Wouldn't mind gymkana it was kind of fun in dirt 3. More liveries as well the ones on the game arent great
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The original Audi Quattro, Toyota Corollas and Celicas From the 1980's, Saabs from the sixties and eighties, Subaru Legacy RS from the 90's, Mitsubishi Gallant VR4 and Vauxhall Astras and Novas.


Loved Germany in Dirt Rally and would love Kenya to be in a rally game again but mainly I would lile to see England added. Yes I know theres Wales but there could be the inclusion of Special Stages at stately homes or converted race circuits like in the old Lombard RAC Rallies of old (a rally that needs to return in real life in my opinion), New Zealand from the original Colin Mcrae was alwats a fave of mine aswell.

Game Additions:

I know a long shot and a really big update would be a Livery Creator and Sharing system, I get that copyright laws need to be abided by and that the advertising of certain prodoucts are not allowed but surely this feature would bypass this as they are created by the users and not the developers, It would be nice to create our own or copy well known liveries and be able to share them with people.
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I'd like to see some "relatable" cars in the game. If you know what I mean. Like cars that are more easier to access for your everyday rally hobbyist. Like some Group N stuff from the 20th century (also 21st why not). And some old Volvos, Saabs, even a VW beetle tto add into the mix. Also I'd kill (not literally, no need to ban me) for some early Gr.A cars like 4wd Sierra, Mazda 323, Mitsubishi Galant, Subaru Legacy etc. (obviously the toyotas as well but we're aware that it's troublesome). Wouldn't mind having the first-gen WRCs either, or the ones from mid 2000s before the rules were upgraded in 2006.

For locations I'd like to see something similar to Finland (obviously), like Estonia for example. It would be cool to have some sort of tricky and rough rally like Greece or Argentina, then I'd like to have also some technical serpentine tarmac roads, for example San Remo, and then some faster tarmac roads as well, like Ireland or Belgium. And some Monte Carlo-ish location with tarmac & snow/ice would be fun. As well as a mixed surface location.

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My ideas
Cars: Toyota corolla wrc 
Renault maxi megane 
Skoda felicia kit car
Vw golf gti kit car
Toyota celica gt-four
Peugeot 206 wrc
Seat cordoba wrc
Ford puma
Citroen xsara wrc
Citroen saxo kit car
Peugeot 307
Nissan almera kit car
Nissan micra kit car
Proton compact
Proton wira
Skoda octavia wrc
Skoda fabia wrc
Vauxhall astra kit car
Hyundai accent wrc
Hyundai coupe wrc
Peugeot 106 maxi
Citroen c2 super 1600
Lancia ecv
Citroen bx 4tc
Citroen visa 1000 pistes 
Mitsubishi starion 4wd
Mazda rx7 4x4
Nissan 240rs
Toyota celica twin cam turbo
Mitsubishi lancer evo VII

Croatia (dirt2)
Greece (dirt rally)
Monte carlo (dirt rally)
Germany (dirt rally)
Finland (dirt rally)
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I think more cars and more rally location.  I want more Subaru for example, in the up to 2,000cc, you can put the Subaru WRC 2008, and 2003 and the Subaru Rally Team USA 2017 rally car.  And other cars than not be only Subaru.  You can put Peugeot 206 and 308, Citröen Xsara and C4, The Hyundai Elantra, Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, much cars.  In 90 class or group a, you can put the 22b sti, corolla and celica.  On NR4 you can put the STI 5door, and the Evo 9.  Rallies location you can choose Mexico, Argentina, Olympus Rally, or Susquehannock Trail Perfmonace Rally, New England Forest Rally, you have a very location to add more on that fantastic game.
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Cars I want to see as DLC 
Nissan 240RS 
Nissan Pulsar GTiR 
Renault Megane F2 kit car 
Nissan Pulsar F2 kit car 
Skoda Felicia F2 kit car 
Renault Clio F2 kit car
 Citroen xsara F2 it car
Citoren C4 WRC 
Peugeot 206 WRC
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