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Just to let you know a new patch is currently scheduled for deployment today (20th Aug) and the full list of changes can be found below: 

  • Stability Improvement - Improved the stability of the game when navigating through the front end menus of the game for extended periods. 

  • Save Fix - Fixed save issues which caused corruption when uninstalling previously used DLC packages. 

  • Stability Improvement - Resolved issues which could cause multiplayer hosts to crash if clients became desynced during online eliminator events. 

  • RaceNet Fix - Fixed certain instances of players not receiving their awards or achievements when competing in certain RaceNet challenges. 

  • Stability Improvement - Fixed issues which could have sporadically caused players to crash when entering or leaving Time Trial events. 

  • Stability Improvement - Resolved Time Attack related crashes which occurred during certain RaceNet challenge scenarios. 

  • DLC Fixes - Integrated multiple fixes for upcoming DLC packages to optimise stability and compatibility. 

  • Online Fix - (Drift) – Fixed issues which in some cases could have caused players to become stuck in a black screen when competing in online drift sessions. 

  • Messaging Improvement - improved game messaging under certain scenarios where players are attempting to access online functionality without an active internet connection. 

  • Save Fix - Added prevention measures to ensure save file does not read as corrupted if certain save file components are deleted. 

  • Save Fix - Added a preventative fix to stop save game corruption if controller action maps are invalid. 

  • Save Fix - Added chunk header to DLC initialisation to help prevent future corruption of save games. 

  • Text Fix - (Japanese) - Fixed issues which prevented certain text strings from appearing correctly in Japanese language. 

  • Audio Fix - (Splitscreen) - Added a preventative fix to stop mode specific music from playing incorrectly within the menu selection screens after a race session had previously finished. 

  • Online Fix - The online repairs/wear and tear functionality has been reworked following feedback from the community. 

  • Online Fix - A restorative fix has been implemented to ensure that players who had previously lost vehicle level data (reset to level one) will now have this data partially restored. 

  • Graphical Fix - Resolved issues on certain PC configurations which caused lighting artefacts on night races when advanced lighting was enabled.
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I used to only play on PC, but I hated having to upgrade my hardware every 1.5 year whenever a new game came out. At least I know when I put a game in, regardless of how good or bad it is, I never have to worry about Performance, Frame Rate or RAM. 

BTW the patch for PC doesn't have to go through Sony or MS for approval. Usually the PC is the guinea pig for the other platforms. They can add Mirrors in tomorrow if they want. 

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The PC arms race has slowed down recently, at least where it matters for games in the CPU and GPU - no big new processor families or die size changes in a while. That's what led me back to the platform as something to game on, as effectively all I needed was a 200 quid graphics card to turn my PC into a gaming rig. This was handy as I found both new consoles to be pretty uninspiring - particularly the increasing limitations they both put on media playback but also the games available and coming out. Wish GTA V would come out on the PC quicker though, missing my daily carnage.

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consoles are great. You buy a game, put it in and it works.   You don't need to be a pc engineer to load the game. Unlike pc games.   Steam won't load due to certain anti virus... Etc.  Drivers may be out of date, you may need the latest dot net framework from MS.  

Fairly simple probs, but if you only know how to turn it on.... Could be frustrating. 

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