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[Dirt 4 PC] Problem binding keys to the Wheel and! the Keyboard simultaneously


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I'm using a Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP but this coul'd apply to other wheels as well.
First of, it's a pain in the .... to configure a wheel that is not officially supported as a Direct Input Device. In Dirt Rally this was way easier.
At first Dirt 4 didn't even recognize the my wheel was connected. It simply would not show up as a device.
After getting really frustrated i've now setup my wheel in game as a "Controller". After doing that, the wheel works.
The real problem, is binding the keys.
In Dirt Rally, it was no Problem to bind keys to the Wheel and! the Keyboard simultaneously.
In Dirt 4 this is not possible. I can only bind Keys to the device i'm using to control the car.
There are so many keys that you can bind and my wheel only has 6 buttons.
I don't know if this generally the case or just for Direct Input Devices.
Please Codemasters, let us bind the keys to the wheel and! the keyboard simultaneously as you did in Dirt Rally. 
At the current state i can't really play the game, because i can't bind the keys correctly.

Edit: just tested it with a Xbox One Controller. Here is the same problem. If i select the Xbox Pad, i can only assign the keys to the pad, but not the pad and the keyboard.

Edit 2: In which file are the current keybindings stored, so that i could edit them manually?

Edit 3: Ok, so after playing around with the controls, it turns out, that the keyboard keys are working, even though the wheel is set as an input device. 
To map the buttons i want to use, i need to do this one time for the keyboard, then switch to the wheel and map the buttons i want to use on the wheel.
This is just ridiculously complicated and unintuitive. 
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FlattJern said:
Just want to add that I cannot add Pause to my G27 as it is assigned to button 1 already and greyed out. 
I want it assigned to button 23... 

Cheers :)
Open action_defines.XML file in the DiRT4/input folder and delete the text protection="protected" next to the pause input (you can also do that for the menu and replay) and save, now you can edit those greyed out things in game. 
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