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Why don't Codies just delete stupidly fast world records?

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Go on to Dirt 3 time trials and there's a million lap times all of about 20 seconds. Plain ridiculous, clearly... so why don't Codies delete anything that's clearly daft? It seems such a blatantly easy thing to set up. Look i'll show you;

create or replace function kill_stupid_lap_times() 
RETURNS trigger 
  IF NEW.laptime<25 THEN
    DELETE FROM Codies_lap_table WHERE id = NEW.id;
LANGUAGE plpgsql;
Look! How hard was that.
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This was posted today by @kickup on the "Next" DiRT game wishlist:
KickUp said:
Leaderboard issues are something I really want to address. I'm sorry there is nothing we can do about it in previous games but I am confident we can do something about it in future. As for cuts, I'm a little more torn about that. As a rally driver the fastest way is not always on the road. I do however think that we can employ some more crafty level design techniques to ensure that the cuts that are taken are more inline with what is seen in real life rather than cutting between trees in a forest. Risk versus reward is the key. Hope that sets your minds at ease.
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JGod24 said:
I also think it would help if they made hitting a wall a time penalty or more harmful to your car. Some of the tracks (such as the Monaco head2head tracks) pretty much require wall riding to get anywhere near the WR time.
Wall riding in DiRT 3 has been fixed, if you try it the car slows down and stops or spins.
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