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Season two, just finished the second event and here are the driver standings from 9th down (touring cars):
9th - Aksel Berg w/ 26 pts
9th - Daniele Moretti w/ 26 pts
11th - Martim Sousa w/ 21 pts
11th - Nathan Harder (me) w/ 21 pts
13th - Gabriel Moreau (TM) w/ 12 pts
13th - Hannah Wolf w/ 12 pts
15th - Diego Gomez w/ 6 pts
15th - Dimitrios Varga w/ 6 pts

This game is something else entirely. Personally I think it's one of CM's best games, though it's definitely got it's faults (but that's not why I made this thread).

Also, AI difficulty is very hard and no assists except for corners line. Would be higher in the standings but a DNF at Brands Hatch really hurt.

Anyone else have some good stories?
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