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Broken RB Button, how to get around it?


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So my RB button just broke on my Xbox One Controller. This means that I am unable to change my view, and to go to my setups when in the pit. I can work around the view, thats a button you can edit in the control scheme menu, however I cannot find a way to change the LB and RB button function that navigates you through the menu when you're in the garage. If you want to edit the control scheme it only lets you edit the buttons that are used when you're racing. Fortunately for me, when you pause the game the LB button can also be used to toggle backwards (to get to the end session part) however when in the garage this is not possible, it seems like you NEED the RB button to toggle to the setups.

So my question is; is there any way to chance the button layout for in the garage, or am I f*cked because my RB button is not working anymore?
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