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Who else think codemasters did an amazing job with autosport?

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I admit I was frustrated, with the Save Game Corrupt, but the Patch fixed that. And I've seen an improvement in the game overall. I'm fairly happy with this game. Is there some things that still need work? Yes, but I'm not going to whine about it. You get more response from Constructive Criticism, than Attacking the Devs with character assassinations and derogatory remarks. Believe it or not they are Humans too, LoL  :)
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Agree with what a lot of you are saying. I'm still at odds with some of the design choices, like level locking garage spaces, but with the save game fix here I'll have to say I'm rather content with the game now. Online is fun and the racing can be very good with a group of clean racers, that's what matters most. It's funny now how most of the hate has moved on to other aspects of the game, like the new TT and DLC packs.
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I personally think they did a good job with the game.
The corruption issue was disappointing .
the bugs are disappointing.
but, there is so many good points about the game i cant even begin to list them.

But, the main issue i have is the leaderboards, If the game is going to have leaderboards then I fully expect them to be maintained and moderated properly, cheaters, hackers unfair times or positions should be removed.
If they going to do it, do it properly, half arsed approach is just lazy.

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