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F1 2016 "Host changing" while loading race

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me and my friend encountered a weird problem while playing together, If we start a Race with qualifying we can do the qualifying without any problems. After the qualifying while loading the race it says "changing host" at my friends game. To me it says "not enough players" . So we lose connection. 
After that he has to restart the whole game so we can startover again. If we don t do qualifying we can do the whole race and after it he has to restart the game. 
I really don t know how to fix this or how to figure out where the problem might be. 

So important to say is that his NAT is moderate and there s no way to change this due to seecurity concerns. I assume that this might be the problem. 

Maybe somebody of you guys has a solution or and idea how to figure out the problem. 

thanks and greetings 

If you need further informations i ll try to tell you 

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