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Codemasters please sort out the penalties

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Magnasson ended up with a 20 second penalty for running Alonso wide.  No contact just drove him out wide onto the grass. 

I wounder what sort of penalty the F1 officials would have awarded Mad Dad for his 1st contact.  When you say he's along side me, he's actually no where to be seen, then screams into the screen and hits me, and starts shouting at me. Then he hits me again, when im tryin to recover form being hit the 1st time.  

Micky was behind me,   same as Rosberg was behind Hamilton.  I was in the process of taking the turn, and then I find a car in my door.  Contact, in a NON contact sport caused my the car behind. 

I can race anyone fairly.


I can do that, or I can do a Mad Dad or micky video. 


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No Penalty - Nothing gained - NO CONTACT


If someone is to be blamed, it's Rosberg...
there was pure racing incident, what all attacked at him (Hamilton offended, what a pity ...)

Magnussen ended up with a 20 second penalty for running Alonso wide.

in turn is the only way you can quickly get out
Magnussen unfairly punished

something we have moved away from the topic ...

RTAnoskills, keep forgetting to ask, what is your steering wheel ?

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It was Ham's 100% corner. All pundits and even his bosses said it was Rosberg's fault. And he even admitted that he didn't back down when he should to.

Now, his Monaco qualy mistake is looking totally different.

@Magnussen - he got what he deserved, i think also for pushing Alonso to grass on Kemmel straight.
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